Friday, February 11, 2011

Video Friday!!! V-Day Edition

Love is in the with Valentine's Day just around the corner. Some of you might not be ready for it so here are a few suggestions of what to do and not to do to celebrate.

Candy Sushi

I know it's usually chocolate that's given to that special someone, but what makes this so special is it's different so you can tell your honey you think they're special and unique as well as deliciously sweet.

Flowers are nice but make sure you know how the other person feels about them, after all, you wouldn't want this to happen -

Valentine's Day Phobia 

I hear serenading is a popular expression of affection but you have to make sure it's done right. Be sure you can sing well, otherwise these reactions are going to happen to you....

World's Worst Singer

If you're not a strong singer but still want to incorporate music into your plans, get creative and try to put together something like this...

All of the Lights (Cello Cover)

And finally, if you're going to use Valentine's Day to tell that special someone how you really feel, whatever you do, don't do this...

I Love You

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!