Wednesday, February 26, 2014

We went to Toy Fair and all you got is this Awesome Giveaway!

That's right!  It's giveaway time!  We scoured the con floor at Toy Fair 2014, grabbing what we could to share with you, our loyal readers.  So here we go!  We will have three lucky winners this time around!

First up, we have TWO Boxes O'Toys!  These include a mishmash of fun things we grabbed from the floor.  Some of the things in one of these two boxes can be seen here!  Big high five to ThinkGeek for sharing a bunch of stuff from their booth!  Now, look at all of that!  Ooooooh!

This was the giveaway I realized I had a picture chair.
This makes me awesome in some fashion.

Some of you might be wondering, what about when you said THREE winners but you only mentioned TWO prizes?  Yeah about that.  During our wandering through the con floor, looking for small but awesome giveaway items, our friends at A Crowded Coop said uh-uh.  They weren't gonna give us a small thing, they wanted to fill a bag of awesome stuff for one lucky person!  That's right, one of you gets to win the A Crowded Coop Bag of Awesome!  A huge, big thanks to A Crowded Coop for being so awesome!  Go check them out right now.  Seriously.  And also look at the picture below to check out what's in the bag!

Thanks A Crowded Coop!!!

So now you've got to enter.  RIGHT NOW!!!  Contest ends at midnight on March 6th so get moving!

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