Monday, December 5, 2011

Random Gift Idea: The Secret Life of Toys

Hitting the wall for gift ideas?  Stuck with shopper's block?  Well, we are here to help with some random gift ideas for every boy and girl.  Every once and while, we will post one item that will probably fit one person on your list.  Plus, we will personally approve all of the gifts we suggest!  These are [IGH approved], so have no fear!

Credited to Marcos Minuchin and The Secret Life of Toys
While wandering around Union Square's Holiday fair, I found a gem in The Secret Life of Toys.  The artist Marcos Minuchin creates a behind-the scenes look at toys, and he just makes me laugh.  It is very Robot Chicken-esque in its style and humor.  You can get these awesome works as a metal, canvas or high quality print for your wall.  Albeit pricey for certain styles, these also make a great and unique gift for your geeky art friend.

Credited to Marcos Minuchin and The Secret Life of Toys
My particular favorite, and the one I bought myself, is the Lego version of Magritte The Son of Man.  It just gets me and my love of Legos.  If that one isn't your speed, check out my second favorite I'm Your Father.  Make sure you check out all of the fun works, and you will definitely cross a name off your gift buying list.

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