Friday, February 15, 2013

Toy Fair 2013: Join the 'Verse with Gale Force Nine Games

Despite only 13 episodes, Browncoats keep doing the impossible. We've got a movie, we've got a number of comic runs and now we've got a board game. That's right, Gale Force Nine announced this past Sunday that they are coming out with a Firefly game. I got a chance to speak briefly with a staffer about the game while at Toy Fair.

I can honestly say that this isn't a basic game with Firefly stamped in the center.  After meeting the company president, I know he is a Browncoat.  The team at GF9 put a lot of time researching the show and having the storyline of the show match the game. Each player will play as a ship (Yes, only one of you can be Serenity. Take turns.) You spend your gameplay hiring crew, take jobs, and filling your hold.  How well you do depends on how well you manage your resources.  But unlike other games, you aren't forced to deal with obstacles. Don't wanna face Reavers? Stay away from them. Don't wanna break the law? Don't have to. However, the advertising encourages you to "aim to misbehave." It's all in how you chose to shape the game.

This game looks to be a great time for every Firefly fan. For you lucky Gencon attendees, it will be premiering there, then the rest of us get a crack at it.  Shiny!

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