Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Express Yourself Wordlessly for Dialogue Free Comics Day!

May 17th is the 4th annual Dialogue Free Comics Day, a day dedicated to expressing a story through the art of comics.  Noel Curry, the founder of DFCD, started this day because he sometimes forgets that comics "is primarily a visual artform."  With a day dedicated to storytelling without words, we can see how much can be shared through art.  It sounds difficult but it's not as hard as you might think, since each year webcomics flock to take part.

Kinda wondering if this is Noel Curry's Self Portrait?
If you have artistic talents, why not try submitting your own?   Wysefyre and I both took part (here and here) in 2011; after seeing our comics you will understand why we haven't since.  Even so, this is one of my favorite comic events of the year.  I enjoy the great art storytelling, plus checking out new webcomics!  I encourage all of you to take part by checking out the past and current submissions on the site.  I'm sure you will enjoy it too!  

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