Thursday, August 25, 2011

International Read Comics in Public Day

It’s time to take to the streets!  This Sunday August 28, 2011 we celebrate International Read Comics in Public Day!  Show your geek pride and enjoy your favorite comic out in the world with your friends.  This is our day to show that we’re not the stereotypical, introverted social-outcasts that comic readers are commonly portrayed as (or at least in my case, a day to pretend I’m not like that...)

As most international movements do, it all started as a joke between friends.  Editors of the comic blog The Daily Cross Hatch, Brian Heater & Sarah Morean, were tired of the constant snickers and feelings of shame when mentioning their passion for comics in public.  They decided to band together with fellow enthusiasts and stage their form of pride parade.  From there Read Comics in Public Day took off.  Now it’s an international sensation with sponsors around the globe.

So, how are you going to show your pride this Sunday?  You can check the official website here for some planned meet-ups throughout the world.  I know going to the park or the beach with your favorite comic will support the cause, but here at IGH, we feel it’s time to kick it up a notch or eleven.  Below, you can try your hand at some of my picks for the best places to read your comics in public.

Top 10 places to read comics in public:

10. In Traffic
Now, I won’t tell anyone to endanger themselves or others.  I will however vaguely imply that they should on the Internet...  Can you imagine the look on your fellow commuter’s face when they see you stopped at a red light reading Amazing Spider-Man?  Classic!
Having a Sharingan helps to multi-task while driving.

9. At the Gym
This one may be a little more risky than the last.  There’s a high chance you may run into the kind of person who doesn’t take kindly to “nerds” here.  In my opinion, it’s all the more reason to geek out while on the treadmill.  Pick up a copy of the Flash and remind them that us “nerds” rule the world now.

8. At a Sporting Event
Imagine having your image up on the Jumbo-Tron reading the Walking Dead while your local team loses (again).  At least you’ll pick up some practical uses for a baseball bat that way.
Pictured: "Practical" application

7. The Back Seat of a Bicycle For Two
Grab a buddy and head to the park for relaxing ride. Make sure you get the back seat.
That's what she said.

6. Marching in a Parade
Combine your geek pride with whatever other pride parade is going on!
Or, combine your geek pride with your nerd pride.

5. In a Movie Theater
Did your significant other drag you to see some awful romantic comedy?  Pass the time with an X-men graphic novel for some real relationship drama.
"Yes honey, Ryan Reynolds is sooo funny."

4. At a Renaissance Fair
Old school meets new!  Get medieval on their behinds with the latest copy of Irredeemable.
Pretty sure you don't have to worry about feeling like a nerd with this crowd.

3. In a Fancy Restaurant
There’s nothing more romantic than getting all dressed to the nines and reading Transmetropolitan by candlelight with your sweetie.
"I love you Spider Jerusalem."
"... who?"
"I mean Beth.  I love you Beth..."

2. On a Roller Coaster
The trick is timing it so you get the photo.  Put it on a T-shirt and wear it to the party in your honor that will surely ensue.
What's really creepy is that they're actually not making a sound.

1. In a Hurricane
The extreme weather shows your extreme commitment.  Now if only we knew where a hurricane was?
Come on Irene ~ 
BTW, my goal is to have a picture of myself completing the above list by next years IRCiP Day.  If you beat me to it send us the pics and I’ll officially declare you King-Fan.
Good Luck and Enjoy!

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