Monday, October 15, 2012

NYCC '12: Day 4 Highlights

Well,  as soon as NY Comic Con starts, it ends.  I admit, part of me is glad because I am just so tired.  Still, I love all the time I spend hanging on the floor.  As usual, we all split up at the con, running off into different directions.

Wysefyre fought against the hoards of people to get into the Javits Center in time to catch the Sesame Street show on the Varient Stage featuring Elmo and Gordon (Roscoe Orman). There were more adults at the show than kids, and everyone had fun. Then she met up with a friend, and wandered the floor for a few hours. Wysefyre also spoke with Ryan Sohmer and Lar DeSouza, and the nice people over at the CBDLF. Also, she saw a guy dressed as Zangief from Street Fighter 4 give an exceptionally long hug to another person and ate some Hi-Chew and Nerds.

Today I jumped onto the floor first thing to go swag hunting.  I scored a lot of good items and can't wait to sort through it all.  After that, I got a chance to sit down with animation king Bill Plympton to discuss his new and upcoming projects.

Then I spent the afternoon celebrating Spider-Man's 50th Birthday at the Marvel booth!  Yeah, I know, who would have thunk it that Spidey is 50!  One way that Marvel was celebrating is by trying to set a new world record for the most greetings on a card.  I had a chance to chat with the Guinness World Record representative about the process to make a world record.  I am happy to say that Marvel made it!

Then I went over to Artist's Alley, met up with Wysefyre, listened to Dan Slott talk, then spoke with Peter David, David Marquez and Jamal Igle.  Wysefyre made her 7th or 8th trek across the Javitz, then we finally got some food.

We had a great time this year at NY Comic Con!!!  This was such a great time to see old friends and meet new people.  We are also so thankful for all the people that gave us some of their time.  For now, we will be working hard to share all the great details we gained over the past few days.  Make sure you stay tuned!  Until next year!

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

NYCC '12 Day Three Highlights

Day three started in the best way possible - meeting with Bruce Timm and Andrea Romano for roundtable interviews about The Dark Knight Returns Part 2. From there I raced into the The Dark Knight panel and the audience was treated to a fantastic Q & A. We were shown clips from TDKR Pt. 2 and a new movie slated to come out next spring. I tried to go up to the floor, but could barely move around. The crowd was insane, so I said hi to a friend who was working at a booth and ran back downstairs. 

I jumped into the King of Nerds panel featuring the stars of Revenge of the Nerds franchise, Curtis Armstrong (Booger) and Robert Carradine (Lewis). There were nerd debates and jeopardy, and they gave away fun prizes. 

Next, came the Fables 10th Anniversary panel. What a treat! While we were waiting for it to begin, Bill Willingham was telling awful, corny jokes and keeping us entertained. Prizes were given, questions were answered, and laughs were had by all. 

After that, I wandered around for a bit, met up with some other friends, and finally started to explore Artist's Alley, where I got to talk to Sanford Greene. There I met up with Wilderowens, and we went to the Geek Girls Network Geek Out, where we hung out with old friends, met some new ones, and had a fantastic time.

Wilderowens finally had a mellow day, wandering the floor for a bit. She hung out with Cully Hamner and Josh Fialkov at the DC booth. While she didn't get her interview with Joel Hodgson of MST3K, (but will via email!!!) she did get to chat with Fred Chao, the creator of Johnny Hiro!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

NYCC '12: Day Two Highlights

Day two kicked off with a little bit of stress and a whole lot of awesome. 

Wilderowens went to a crowdsourcing panel at Kickstarter HQ with Craig Engler of Syfy, and Brad "Cheeks" Bell and Jane Espenson of Husbands. After she came back to the Javits, she spent the day interviewing a whole slew of people: Mike Richardson, President of Dark Horse Comics, Liam Sharp of Madefire, Pierre Leroux, Producer of Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth, Warren Spector, Creative Director for Epic Mickey 2. She met with RedBubble PR, Matt Inman from the Oatmeal, got autographs from DC's Ricardo Sanchez, Dark Horse's Brian Wood and ate a pop tart. She and Getsuyobi also got interviewed by a French radio station about geek culture and comic con. 

After a rough start to the day, I spent the day mostly in panels. I missed out on the Christopher Lloyd Q & A, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Instead of leaving that panel to grab lunch and then fighting to get back into the room for Sean Astin, I grabbed some lunch went in to to MTV Geek panel. I didn't even know MTV had comics. It was a great panel and featured people such as Joshua Hale, David Tischman, Sanford Greene, and Val Staples. 

Then the Sean Astin panel started, and it quickly became my favorite panel of the day, and possibly the entire con. He was funny, interesting, engaging, and extremely genuine. He was shocked at how full the room was. He was full of fantastic stories including one about his audition for Lord of the Rings. It turns out he had never even heard of The Hobbit and LoTR before he got the call for the audition. We were also treated to a surprise guest,  Terry Pratchett.

After that, I wandered the floor for a little bit, chatted with people, ran into a few friends, and finished the day by going to the Webcomics panel with Ryan Sohmer and Lar DeSouza. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but this turned out to be extremely informative. Sohmer and DeSouza did the panel Q & A style, and talked about what it takes to be a successful web creator, and it was also one of the filthiest panels I have ever been too. The dirty jokes came hard and fast. ;-) It was a great panel, and the perfect way to end the day.

I can't wait for day three! That's when the crazy really kicks in. 

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Friday, October 12, 2012

NYCC Highlight: Electronic

One of my favorite parts of comic cons is meeting independent creators.  I never know what new, exciting stories I might find.  One such new story is Electronic created by Joe Corallo and Danny Luckert, published by Venturous Publishing.

From Electronic FB page:

In a future not as far as you would think, corporations rule. It took decades upon decades of countries rising and falling as corporations withstood the test of time. As more struggling governments gave in to their demands and outsourced more of the government’s work to them, they would find their opportunity and go for the kill. 

These corporations would rebrand themselves as nations. As a r
esult, national borders fade and in many ways people are brought closer together. However, there is still conflict.

One nation, RAND, has enjoyed its status as the global hegemony for years. Its robotics division, led by Jean Young, has been keeping RAND ahead of its competition with their humanoid robots, known as ELECs. One of her finest works is Elec 2.9 AKA Carly Cash. This is her story.
The first issue is an excellent read, with the storyline just pulling you in.  C'mon, who doesn't believe that corporations may one day rule the world.  Within the first issue, you are introduced to this world and I for one can't wait to read more.  In case you don't believe me, check out some preview pages below.

Page 2
Page 3

Page 4
Page 5

If you are at NYCC, check them out at booth #2271!  If not, make sure you ask your local comic shop to stock Electronic and stay tuned at their FB page for updates!

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Here we go again at NYCC! Day One Highlights!

NY Comic Con kicked off today with a floor full of awesome. The best part is the floor wasn't crazy crowded. Nice and easy to walk, which is rare. The other bonus was that NYCC used the construction to their advantage this year. The tunnel between sections of floor was transformed into the TMNT sewer. Very fun and I'm glad I got to see it before its packed full of people.

It looks cooler in real life, I swear.

When we got inside, both Wysefyre and I went our separate ways immediately, covering different sections of the floor. She checked out "The Block" which is the designer section (you may remember it as the cultyard). After more wandering, she checked out the Justice is Served panel, featuring a ton of amazing authors, including Myke Cole and Amber Benson. Wysefyre promises to give complete details after her shoulder regains feeling from all the freebies she got!

On my journey, I checked out the main comics and gaming for a bit, while I waited to do some interviews. My favorite had to be the Assassin's Creed III preview I got to see. I'm no hardcore gamer, but the graphics and storyline seem fantastic. It's definitely going on my list. I also got the ultimate picture of the day at the bandai gaming area!

Just love Gaming Abe
Then I got a chance to speak with the director of Silver Circle, a new animated film and graphic novel followed by a fun interview with the new Editor-in-Chief of Dark Horse Comics, Scott Allie!  I ended my night taking a quick jaunt around the crazy big Artist Alley!! This is huge and a great excuse to try out the panorama function on my phone. Can't wait to go back with some cash in my pocket to spend!!!

Until tomorrow....

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

NYCC '12: Special Events

Oh my god! I just realized NYCC is only two days away. That’s right. TWO days. What am I going to do? Who am I going to see? What kind of goodies will I get? Will I remember to eat? More importantly, where am I going to go after the con?

Here is a list of all the great events happening after the Javits Center lights dim and the partying begins as well as a few taking place while the sun is out.

Wednesday, Oct. 10

A Celebration of Pop Comics!
"Wednesday, October 10th, on the eve of New York Comic Con, Depth Of Field Magazine is proud to present an evening of conversation, refreshments, signings, and general revelry as we celebrate the intersection of comic books and popular music. 

This event take place at Jim Hanley's Universe on West 33rd Street, beginning at 7pm. The panel discussion features an astounding line-up of artists, writers, and commentators, including Charles Soule, Avi Spivak, Jamal Igle, Elizabeth Keenan, Andrew Robinson, John Holmstrom, Ronald Wimberly, David Gallaher, Kieron Gillen, Joe Keatinge, Vivek J. Tiwary, and other special guests. Complimentary refreshments are being contributed by some of New York's finest establishments: Tompkins Square Bagels, Southampton Brewery, Saranac Brewery, and Lost Tribes Brewery.For more details and the most up-to-date info, check the press release."

Extreme Makeover: The Comics Edition
"Join Jeff Yang, editor of the new graphic novel collection SHATTERED and curator of Marvels & Monsters and Alt.Comics, as he and a celebrity panel of comic book authors and artists discuss how stereotypes ruin stories and turn characters into cliches. The fun really begins when we invite leading local graphic novelists to share their own "Comic Book Extreme Makeovers”. Panelists include Keith Chow, Larry Hama, Jerry Ma, and Greg Pak." Starts at 7:00 PM. Get more information here.

Thursday, Oct. 11

Art Wars - A New Hope Intergalactic Custom Toy Show by Scott Kinnebrew and Jason Chalker at KRNY - 
"The Force will be with us at Kidrobot New York for the one-night only Art Wars – A New Hope Intergalactic Art Show. Going down October 11 from 6-10pm, this Star Wars inspired spectacle will featuring new art and custom toys by Scott Kinnebrew and Jason Chalker. This one night exhibition will be hotter than Tatooine so don’t miss out!" Kidrobot New York is located at 118 Prince St.

*just added Geeks! The Musical -"Geeks! The Musical! follows the adventures of a gaggle of geeks through a Comic Book/Sci-Fi Convention. Will the geek boy find true love and a mint copy of Batman #92? Will the artist and Goth girl sell their avant-garde comic? Will the has-been sci-fi actor get cast in the remake of his old TV show? These questions and more will be answered as they sing, dance and debate if Batman could beat Spider-Man in a fight! Be square, be there!

Visit: and"

Whether you're visiting NYC or local, if you're looking for an affordable NYC theater experience that ties in perfectly with NYCC, this is the show for you. 

The show is running from 10/4 - 10/28 at the Richmond Shepard Theatre at 309 E. 26th St. You can read our review of it here.

New York Comic Con Kick-Off Concert with Ben Folds Five -
"Ben Folds Five start it off right with a concert at 8:00 PM in the IGN Theater. The concert is free to all VIP's and 4-Day ticket holders BUT seating is first come, first served and will be extremely limited due to size of the auditorium and popularity of the event. Ultimate Access and Special Access VIP ticket holders will be guaranteed to get into the show first; then, 4-Day ticket holders will be let in until the auditorium is full. The concert is open to all 4-Day ticket holders on a first come, first served basis and we cannot guarantee that all 4-Day ticket holders that want to attend the show will be able to get in."

FANGIRLTV - First LIVE show - Billed as "half talk show, half burlesque, and all geek," the show will feature "Nerd themed BURLESQUE, a lively panel discussion featuring AMAZING Geek Girls, exclusive clips from the FANGIRLTV web series, and GEEKY GO GO! Doors open at 8pm, show at 9pm! Arrive in COSPLAY or with New York Comic Con 2012 Pass! -- ONLY $10 (otherwise, it's still only $15!!!!!)" Takes place at The Producer's Club at 358 W. 44th St. Must be 17+ to enter!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Night with Geeks at Geeks! The Musical!

Last night, Wysefyre and I attended the opening night of Geeks! The Musical! by the Write Act Repertory. Book and Lyrics by Thomas J. Misuraca and Music by Ruth Judkowitz.

The story follows three couples of friends. The DC fan/main man Jordan and his Whovian Chip, played by Zachary Conner and Eli Bosnick.  The marvel fan/girl! Kerry and her hates everything friend Emerson, played by Meredith Owens and DaWoyne A. Hill. The final duo is the struggling artists Trey and Audrina, played by Danny Moreno and Ayelet Firstenberg.   All of their paths collide at SDCC as they all search for the top collectible, a publishing deal and finally, love. Through it all, Jordan and Kerry get to meet their childhood hero, has-been actor Mel Tyler, played by John D'Arcangelo.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Artist Brad Walker at Midtown Comics September Book Club!

Last week, I attended the Midtown Comics Book Club. September's book was Guardians of the Galaxy: Realm of Kings written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning and the art by Book Club guest Brad Walker!

As a bit of back story, Walker loved superheroes when he was little especially Spidey. His mom taught him how to draw and got him started.  However, he decided to become a comic artist in his teens.  He loved drawing Disney-style back then but wanted to draw something real-looking.  He also loves that the comics medium doesn't have limitations like film.  Anything that you can imagine is reality.