Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Links for August 7

Another hot and humid summer week with some fun news updates....

Shockingly this week, there were mean people on message boards. This time, they were bitching about the new Ultimate Spider-Man, because he is not white. *gasp* Really people?! I would love to just say "grow up idiots" really loudly, but Elliott Serano says it much classier.

Despite only releasing a single, though critically acclaimed issue, NonPlayer has been optioned by Warner Bros. I would love to see how they bring that vibrant and beautiful world to life.

MoCCA announced their 2012 dates....which are the extact same weekend of Stumptown. Indie comics will be covering each coast but the indie creators will suffer having to pick only one show to attend.
(via The Beat)

Some moron tried to steal a cop car by telling the cop it was part of The Dark Knight Rises. I just don't understand how someone could be that stupid.
(via Robot 6)

Until next week...

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