Monday, September 16, 2013

Early Review: Battling Boy

By Reboot

Today I'll be reviewing Paul Pope's Battling Boy put out by First Second Books.  I've really liked what I've seen from First Second so I was excited to finally be reviewing something they put out.  Additionally, I was excited to finally read something from Paul Pope.

Full disclosure, prior to reading this I was fairly unfamiliar with Paul Pope's work.  I've seen his work before and I knew he was very talented, but I had just not gotten around to reading one of his works.  There are a lot of authors I still want to get around to reading.  It wasn't that he was even low on my list; for whatever reason it just didn't happen until now.  I also have not watched Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad yet.  Again, not because they're low on my list.  I'm sure when I finally watch them I'll enjoy them, but it hasn't happened yet.