Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Small Bit of Amazing at BEA from Amazon!

We saw a lot of cool stuff at Book Expo America in the past two days, and we still have one more to go!  However, I just couldn't wait to share these little bits of amazing with you.  Best shelf of the event so far was this awesome at Amazon Publishing


There was a lot of awesome but I was drawn directly to the Buffy and Federation books.  Buffy: Making of a Slayer looks fantastic.  I was only able to read a small excerpt but it chronicles the journey to get it on the air.  It will also include some special features like pages from a Watcher's Diary and a copy of Olivia's sketch of the Gentlemen from Hush.  

Federation: The First 150 Years is more like a history book.  In fact, the excerpt I read actually is a history book that covers Federation's history and seems like it belongs in the Academy's library!  Very fun read, especially for a trekkie like me.  Both are due out in November 2012 and I promise to get more info!

There wasn't any info on the Star Wars books but they both look fantastic!  I am already working on details and promise to share soon!  Update: These two books are already out and available on Amazon!  I can say they both seem like an excellent deal for any Star Wars fan.  You just need to decide if you are walking the path of the Jedi or learning from the Sith!  Until then, we will continue working Book Expo America for all the info we can get!

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