Saturday, February 23, 2019

Mezco Presents Toy Fair '19

Mezco has done it again! This year's showing at Toy Fair was incredibly strong. They have a ton of great things coming out, particularly in the One:12 Collective line. Personally, I'm a little in love with that Captain Marvel, but OMG! They're doing a Keaton Batman! I can't wait! Yes, I'm being extremely emphatic, but that's because I'm really excited about what's coming out. Take a look for yourself.

Other standouts for me are Scooby Doo, The Warriors, and The Living Dead Shining Dolls. How creepy and great does that Jack Torrance look? The twins look eerie, but they can also be written off as old fashioned style dolls. That Jack Torrance will mess you up, and it's all because of the eyebrows. A perfect example of why details matter. What Mezco reveals are you most excited for?

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