Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Links for February 5th

Happy Superbowl Sunday!  Whether you are rooting for the Patriots or the Giants (GO BIG BLUE!!!), I hope you have a fun day!  If you could care less about the Superbowl, this is for you....

This brilliance is from The Oatmeal.
If you don't read this web comic, you need to.

In other, more geek-related news this week:

It was announced that the popular studio Pizza Island ended this week.  The studio, filled with indie female comic creators, let their lease lapse since so many of them were moving onto new things.  Pizza Island will always be remembered as an awesomely creative space.
(via Comics Alliance)

The Watchmen prequels were officially announced this week, to much dismay by readers.  You can't go onto almost any site without complaints.  Still, not all prequels turn out bad....
(via MTV Geek)

Non-Player, one of the biggest premieres of 2011, is being made into a movie!  Surprising, since we haven't even gotten issue 2.  I guess that means the script going forward is amazingly good.
(via Bleeding Cool)

In the you-read-my-mind news this week, Alamo Drafthouse is releasing Princess Bride branded wine! A bottle of the As You Wish White is a huge want for Valentine's Day for your hunny.
(via The Gothamist through The MarySue)

Until next week......

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