Friday, October 8, 2010

Musical Friday - Cover Songs!

Welcome & Bienvenido to our latest rendition of Musical Friday!  My name is @Getsuyobi and I'll be rounding out the [insertgeekhere] crew as resident web-person/geek/gamer.  For my first post I'm sharing with you my strange fascination with stolen music.  I'm not talking about piracy, but the art of the cover song.

Cover songs aren't actually theft of material (usually), but meant to pay homage to the original artist and add a new dimension to a song.  Some of the best cover songs are the ones that take a song completely out of its original genre and twist it into a new composition altogether.  My first pick for this Friday is a cover of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" by the awe-inspiring duo of Jack Conte & Nataly Dawn, otherwise known throughout the interweb as Pomplamoose!

Awesome, right?  Talk about taking a song in a new direction.  Pomplamoose actually released a whole cover album on iTunes that includes some more amazing covers, like Beyonce's "Single Ladies" & Lady Gaga's "Telephone".  I'm a little ashamed to say I know all the words to those songs now as a result of their covers.  Pomplamoose is one of my favorite indy/internet bands.  Their videos are always entertaining and they have so much damned talent!  I could gush over Pomplamoose for an entire post (idea!), but on the the next song...

The next cover comes from the R&B group Ahmir.  They're doing a mashup cover of Owl City's "Fireflies" & "Vanilla Twilight".  Another great example of a group making you hear familiar lyrics in a whole new context.  Enjoy the soulful harmonies (and cheesy choreography) of Ahmir.

... get it?  He fell asleep?!  So funny!  Anyway, Ahmir was actually invited to an Owl City show at the House of Blues last April to perform on stage with the band!  The video of the performance is available on their YouTube channel.  It's pretty funny to hear them side by side with the original artist because they actually blow him out of the water!

Okay, it's Friday, let's all rock out with our last cover from Italy's own Vanilla Sky.  They're covering what will forever be "the song of that Eliza Dushku danced to in that awesomely tiny dress on episode 1 of Dollhouse" or you could shorten it to Lady Gaga's  "Just Dance"  This brings me back to when I was first obsessed with cover songs.  It was the time of napster and CD burning, and every cover on the internet was some punk band covering pop hits.  Those were the days.

... ahh Echo...!  Sorry, I got a little lost there... Well I hope you enjoyed my Cover Song Musical Friday.  Please check out all of the bands mentioned on YouTube & MySpace, while all of their careers are taking off, they can use all the support we can give!  Also don't forget to give us a follow on Twitter (@IGHinsider) for more updates and sweet tunes every Friday.