Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Who Wouldn't Want to Follow Tom Lenk Around?

That is his new project, a documentary following his journey to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  Lenk, who you must know from Buffy, has been performing his live show, "Nerdgasm," around the country, and he is now taking it abroad.  His friend and film partner, Andrew Putschoegl, will be there to document his journey in all of its nerdy glory.  The only problem is that they need your help.   Check out this fantastic video they put up on Kickstarter:

Both Andrew and Tom have been working together for a while, and even won some awards.  If helping for the sake of helping isn't good enough for you, just check out the goodies for each pledge level.  I am seriously bummed I don't have $10,000 though.  It would be totally worth it to have Tom Lenk in lederhosen washing my car.  Mmmmmm......lederhosen.

This looks like a fantastic journey for Tom, Andrew and all of their fans about the Nerdgasm experience.  Go support them now!

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