Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Links for June 5

The comics world was rocked this week with the news that DC would be updating and restarting all of their superheros in the DCU.  Every site out there went crazed with coverage and opnions, including us.  

Because of the DC boat-rocking, The Beat put together a comprehensive list of how DC crisis events have changed the universe and affected us all.  At the very least, it is a great way to catch up before it all changes again.
(via The Beat)

The gang in Riverdale becomes more and more with the times as they cover gays in the military in a very positive light.  Good for them! 
In getting ready for X-Men: First Class (which is totally awesome even though they screwed up the timeline way too much), Mike Romo from iFanboy writes about how he never connected with the X-Men because they were a grown-up comic.  In other movie news, if you are totally behind on the new releases, Action Chick just released her top picks of June.

Calling all Gamers!  GeekGirlCon is building their own WoW guild and needs your help!  You can be a part of its design from the very beginning, so go take part!!

Still trying to pick out the best gift for your geeky dad for Father's Day?  Elliot Serrano has you covered with a great list of gift ideas.  Time is running out, so go get shopping!
(via Geek To Me)

Have a great week!!

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