Monday, October 31, 2011

Win an Aching Shoulder from NYCC!

That's right, we have a chance for three of you to win your very own aching shoulder, back and feet! Now, I know you are thinking, "How do you pack all that pain up and ship it to me?" That's a great question!

This is our second annual Con in a Bag giveaway! Since we spent so much time at NYCC, we saved some of the best giveaways for our readers and bagged them up. Three lucky readers will get bags stuffed full of anything that they might possibly get at NYCC. This includes comics, books, buttons, t-shirts and tons of random pieces of paper.
Each one of these is a New York Comic Con Exclusive Item!
Since this was our second year, we had to up the ante. Each bag will have a NYCC show exclusive that you can't get anywhere else! Plus, each bag has an autographed comic! Oooooh fancy!

I actually bruised my shoulder carrying all of this.  That's the mark of a good convention.

Each of our three winners will get two stuffed bags that they can throw on their shoulder, walk around and get the authentic con aching shoulder, back and feet.

We would like to thank some of the companies that made your physical pain possible by providing awesome stuff:

Just go to our Facebook Contest page to enter but hurry! The contest ends on November 11th

Your email address is only used to contact the winner.  We don't send you anything else and we don't sell it.  US residents only since it is really heavy.  We do not guarantee that you will actually get shoulder pain and we are also not responsible if you do get any pain or injury from these bags.  Contest ends November 11th.

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Links for October 30

I hope you all had a Happy Halloween weekend before the big day tomorrow! Here are some of my favorite Halloween-y stories from the week:

To get you in the holiday spirit, read this very compelling academic theory that geeks created our modern Halloween.
(via Total Fan Girl)

Everyone is so worried about a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion that we are not even seeing the true enemy. The giant Lego invasion is underway!
(via Yahoo! Games)

With the #Occupy protests taking over the globe, everyone is getting involved. Even zombies are taking a side....
(via Pink Raygun)

Check out these fantastic pumpkin carvings. I just love how detailed and creative they are!
(via Facebook)

Have a Happy Halloween, filled with plenty of scares and a full candy belly!

Until next week.....

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NYCC '11: Twisted Dark Vol. One

There are many advantages to having a press pass at any con. One of them is getting an opportunity to review books. I was given a copy of Neil Gibson's Twisted Dark: Volume One to peruse and write about. 

Let me start by saying it was my honor or horror (my honror?) to read this collection. I did not know what to expect; I just knew it would make me uncomfortable. And it did but in all the right ways.

The cover alone tells the reader they are in for a disturbing time and Neil Gibson delivers in spades. From the opening story, "Suicide" to the final "Last Laugh," Gibson takes you on a ride through several short stories that examine the unconventional, socially abnormal side of humanity, covering a range of topics such as drugs, paranoia, abuse, death, and in the case of the chilling tale, "Munchausen's Little Proxy," mental illness.

Monday, October 24, 2011

NYCC '11: Robot Chicken Press Hour with Matt Senreich

One of the big perks of being press at NYCC is getting invited to press hours. Basically, it's a bunch of press (really fans) in a room with a really awesome person. We get to raise our hands and answer questions, just like in the movies!  I was able to attend the Robot Chicken Press Hour with Matt Senreich. Seth Green wasn't able to attend, which was probably for the best. I probably would have gone way too fangirl, since you all can see how much I love him.

For the record, Matt Senreich is a funny, side-splitting hilarous guy, so I sucked at note-taking.  Here are my top highlights from the press conversation.  

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Links for October 23

Well, we are slowly recovering from the insanity of NYCC. Make sure that you keep up with everything we learned at con by constantly checking out our New York Comic Con page. I didn't catch a lot of news this week, but here are some of my top highlights:

MyTake Radio is holding Brawling for Boobies, a gaming fundraiser for Susan G. Komen. They are holding xbox 360 gaming sessions all week, so signup now!

I heard the sad news about the cancellation of Alpha Flight. Personally, I don't think having Fear Itself happen so earlier in its run helped its chances at all.
(via iFanboy)

If you are still hoping for some brand-new ectoplasmic fun, you may be out of luck. It looks like Ghostbusters 3 is never gonna happen.

Everyone knows about Occupy Wall Street, and like it or not, it is getting bigger. So big in fact, that even fictional characters are taking a stand.

Until next week....

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

NYCC '11: Once Upon a Time, Pilot & Panel

The first thing I did Friday morning after getting into Javits is make a b-line for 1A-06.  I wanted to make sure I had great seats for the Felicia Day spotlight, but I was met with an unexpected surprise when I got there.  Unlike my co-bloggers, I am not always up-to-date on the latest additions and revisions to the schedule, so I found out that an additional panel had been added before the one I was going for.  That panel was an exclusive sneak peek at the pilot for ABC’s Once Upon A Time.  From the writers of Lost and starring Jennifer Morrison, Jared Gilmore & Lana Parilla, the show brings us to a world where the Evil Queen has banished all of the characters of a Fairy Tale world to a sleepy town in real world Maine. 

I wasn’t originally interested in this show and had already dismissed it among the wave of new fall pilots, but I have to tell you after the pilot my mind was changed.  I won’t give up too much of the plot, but it is a very strong story that moves quickly and pulls you in.  The point that really pulled me into the show was once Jennifer Morrison & Jared Gilmore’s characters reached the quaint town of Storybrooke.  The town and the circumstances surrounding their arrival had such a strange and surreal quality against the overly-average backdrop that I couldn’t help but be reminded of the numerous quiet New England towns from the works of Stephen King.  Anyone else who is a Stephen King fan will recognize this as high praise.

Creators of Lost and now, Once Upon A Time: Adam Horowitz & Edward Kitsis

After the pilot was finished and the audience’s applause died down we also had a chance to hear from the creators of the show, Adam Horowitz & Edward Kitsis, and they gave us some insight into how this project came to be.  They explained that they had the idea for Once Upon A Time before Lost and even pitched it to several people; however, this was before they had the credibility of a hit show under their belt.  We also heard that the Disney brand team has been very helpful with the use of classic characters.  Since this is a show on ABC (owned by Disney), they will be using a lot of Disney branded fairytale characters.

Speaking of characters, the first several episodes are going to focus heavily on character introduction and development.  Much in the way that Lost used flashbacks to tell us more about a character, in OUaT we will see stories from both the real world and fairy tale world.  Almost every character is Storybrooke will have a corresponding character of who they were in fairy tale land.  One of the more interesting characters we’ll learn about is Jiminey Cricket, who in the real world is a child psychologist.  In fact, Jane Espenson is the one who wrote the episode focusing on his character and we will learn how he actually became a cricket.

During the Q&A, the creators were asked a couple of questions about how their experience with Lost will translate to their newest project.  The biggest differentiation they made was that Lost was about redemption, but Once Upon A Time is a story about hope.  They were also asked if they have an ending in mind already for the show.  Both creators responded by saying that while they do have a "grand idea" of where the show will end, right now they are focusing on the first 13 episodes and making sure that they tell the best story they can.  

Getting to see the pilot and hearing from the writers made me a believer, so you should be sure to check it out.  The series premiere is tomorrow night, Sunday 10/23/11 on ABC.  Check your local listing for times.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Ode to the LXD: The Uprising Begins!

Instead of a traditional Video Friday, I want to talk about one of my favorite web series, The LXD: The Uprising Begins. Created by filmmaker Jon M. Chu (Step Up 2, 3D), The Uprising Begins "chronicles the journey of seemingly ordinary people who discover they have extraordinary powers and must choose their place in an epic war between good and evil" and features the most incredible dancers you will ever see. 

I know I have spoken about how great it is but after seeing the most recent season, I felt I had to show you. I originally wanted to show you an episode from each season but that would give away too many spoilers. Instead, I will show you a few of the outstanding episodes from season one, which will hopefully, make you want to run to Hulu or Netflix and watch the other seasons.

This first episode is a favorite because I'm a Gleek and New Directions' resident dancer, Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr.) stars in this. That's how the LXD initially got my attention, then I watched this and I was a Harry fan for life. He's a great dancer in the other styles I've seen him do but this is his element. The man is made of rubber. 

Next is "Duet" and what draws me to this episode is it's about love, loss, and sacrifice and the way Galen Hooks and William Wingfield move is hauntingly beautiful.

Finally, because they are just so much fun and manage to fulfill the dream of most hardcore fanboys and fangirls, here is "Fanboyz" featuring Aja George, Terence Dickson, and Straphanio "Shonnie" Solomon.

I hope after watching these episodes you will run to the nearest computer and watch all the others. It gets better and better as it progresses. Until next time!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NYCC '11: The Walking Dead & Season Premiere

The Dead have returned and Grateful they are not.  In the wake of New York Comic Con we also have a brand new season of AMC’s The Walking Dead to celebrate.  This weekend I got to see the cast, writers and effects artists all talk about the new season, and also got to watch the premiere last night along with the rest of America.  I’ll give you the rundown of what went on at the panel, including some insight into the future of the series, then we’ll also take a look at the first episode of season two.

The panel started out with show & book writer Robert Kirkman and producer Gale Anne Hurd.  They talked a bit about how well the first season was received by fans both new and old, and Robert talked about how writing for the series has opened up some opportunities for more or different development of the characters and story.  One thing that was said last year before the series aired was that the main story from the book would be followed very closely and be used as a roadmap for the series, but some of Mr. Kirkman’s comments this weekend sounded as if he was distancing himself from those comments.  It’s clear that they are still loosely following the book’s plot, but he did comment on how much fun it has been to rethink situations and how the group would react.

The panel also included the show's makeup and zombie effect wizard Greg Nicotero who talked about his process for creating the zombies for the show.  He talked about how they have a group of actors that they reuse as zombies and just use the prosthetics and makeup to make them different for each episode.  He also described how he sees people in his day to day life who would make great zombies and he has to resist the urge to say it out loud.  Kirkman and Hurd both gave high praise to the effects for the new season and from what we’ve already seen the show may be well on their way to their second effects Emmy.

The cast, writer, producer and effects artist of The Walking Dead at NYCC 2011

Next they brought the cast on stage.  In attendance was Jon Bernthal (Shane Walsh), Laurie Holden (Andrea), Steven Yeun (Glenn), Lauren Cohan (Maggie), Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes) & Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon).  There was a lot of talk about how it’s been to work together and what is coming for their characters, but by far the person who stole the show was 12 year old Chandler Riggs.  Chandler talked about how much he’d learned during the first season and how he looked forward to playing a much more active role in the second season.  He talked about how this season will see Carl transition from a scared young boy, to someone who is trying to find their place in the terrifying new world they live in.  He was also very complimentary of his fellow cast-mates; he was regularly thanking them and saying how great they were to work with.  While every answer he gave was met with “oohs” and “awws” from the crowd, he also would respond to that with more heartfelt sincerity.  The panel moderator, Chris Hardwick, noted that Chandler was also probably the most eloquent of the speakers there.  It was also fun to note that throughout the panel while other cast members were talking, Chandler and Norman (Daryl) were talking and taking pictures with their phones.  It was a very funny interaction to see and showed a real companionship between the two.

The only real companionship you can have with a 12 year old.
The other news that came from the cast was the introduction of new cast member Lauren Cohan, who will be playing Maggie.  Without giving too many spoilers, it has already been said that the second season will focus on “The Farm”, which is where we’ll meet Maggie.  It was also hinted that this season would be a very exciting one for Glenn, fans of the book gave lots of hollers at this.  She said that joining the cast has been like “jumping into a tornado”, but has been a great experience.

Lauren Cohan: She's really excited to be on the show, or...
practicing her zombie face.

So, we got to hear lots about the new season and all of that got me real psyched up for the premiere last Sunday.  Episode 201 was a special 90 minute premiere that picked up pretty much right after last season.  Now I won’t give any spoilers, but I will give my impressions as a fan.  This episode rocked!  It had everything that was promised and then some.  The thing about the book that was always the most appealing was that it wasn’t about zombies, but about people living in a dangerous world where society has collapsed.  This episode was strongly focusing on each member of the group’s ability to cope and survive.

Andrea and Shane were probably the two people most affected by the events of the first season and they’ve already started to make some major decisions based on what they’ve been through.  There’s a lot to look forward to this season, with new characters and more tales of survival.  Considering how the story has continued to branch out from the book, even I can’t be sure what will happen next.  I’ll be right there along with the rest of the fans wondering who will be the next to go and when the next zombie will attack.  

I’ll leave you with one last comment from the panel, it’s actually a question I’ve heard at every Walking Dead panel I’ve been to.  When will we see Michone?  Well, fans of the book ought to know that staying in continuity would mean we still have a ways to go, but Robert Kirkman did hint that we may at least hear something from her later this season.  Keep your swords sharp and make sure your zombie escape plans are ready, it’s going to be another wild ride.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 10pm ET on AMC.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NYCC '11: The Truth about October's FCBD

A lot of news comes out from New York Comic Con. It's hard to keep track of every piece, and no news outlet gets it all at first. Often, we even contradict each other. So, when I get a chance, I always get more details.

I began to see one-liner updates that there would be a new Free Comic Book Day in October. Personally, I think it is a great idea. So great that I went to the Diamond Comics Distributors booth to get more details.

Once I asked, I got a grimaced, aggravated look from the booth staff.  The DCD staffer I spoke with explained that the event was still in planning and nothing was confirmed.

Then, he introduced me to Bill Schanes, the Vice President of Purchasing for Diamond. Bill was the one that made the announcement at the Retailer Breakfast where this all started. He said it went down like this: Bill asked if the retailers would be interested in doing an October FCBD, possibly Halloween themed. A fair number of retailers raised their hands to express interest in taking part. Then he told the room that the day was still in early planning mode. After he left the room, reports came out online stating it was definitely happening and very soon.

Bill has no idea how it ballooned online to definitely happening. The only definite I got is that it will not be as big as the May FCBD.

Please keep in mind, they still want this Halloween FCBD to happen. Diamond Comics does events like this to benefit the retailers and fans. If you want a second FCBD, go to your local comics retailer and tell them you want it! Hopefully, we can show enough support to make this happen next year.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

NYCC '11: Sunday wraps it up!

New York Comic Con is done and we are still standing....sorta. I know it's bad when random people tell you how exhausted you look. I may look tired but I feel great. This was a really fun con, with so many awesome panels, companies and people!

Here are our highlights from today:

- At the DC Meet the Publishers panel, I finally heard someone from DC confirm that the mystery woman hidden in the issues will have a storyline coming. It was so awesome to listen to Dan Didio and Jim Lee talk DC.

- Getsuyobi went to the Jim Henson panel, where he learned about 3 upcoming books that sound amazing.

- Wysefyre went to the Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark panel, with a surprise attendee Dan Slott.

- All of us attended a Marvel panel over the weekend and agree that Arune Singh is the best moderator ever. 

- Huge deals and freebies were on the floor today. Wysefyre got some amazing prints from Jon Hughes and Marc Wolfe, while I got a ton of free comics! I also got the best show exclusive......

It was a fantastic con and if you attended, I hope you had a blast.  I know I met so many new geeks that became fast friends.  If we talked, please leave a note on the blog and stay in touch! 

We will be bringing you recaps and overviews in the days to come, so stay tuned!

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

NYCC '11: Oh God, It's Saturday

Well, we survived the biggest day at the con. The crowds were insane and way too big but once again, I'm amazed with how much I got done. Here are some of our highlights from the biggest day at the con:

- Getsuyobi met the CEO of Zlango and got to test out their new messenging app featuring Walking Dead icons.

- I went to the DC The Edge/ Dark panel and saw so much upcoming art! iVampire looks so amazing and is definitely a must read.

- Wysefyre and Getsuyobi camped out in IGN for 6 hours and saw all of the major announcements, including The Walking Dead and Avengers panels. Apparently Mark Ruffalo surprised the crowd with an appearance and Tom Hiddleston & Clark Gregg even broke into song.

- While they camped out, I went on a huge walk through the floor. I spoke with Diamond Comics about their October FCBD and I have so much more to share with you!

- I spent over an hour hanging at the Dark Horse booth and spoke with Angel and Faith's Christos Gage and Rebekah Isaacs and Conan's Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan.  Dark Horse has been so great to us during the con!  

- I also swung by I Am A Stuffed Animal for a very special photo...

Finally, we all ended the night at Geek Girls Network's Geek-Out, with a bunch of very, very tired geeks.

We are definitely spending more time on the floor for the last day of con. Sunday is a great day for deals, since no vendor wants to lug too much stuff home. Make sure you go prepared to shop!!!

See you on the floor!!!

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

NYCC '11: Friday's Fun

I'm two steps closer to being a zombie after today, we are all just dead tired. NYCC is packed and it's not even Saturday yet. Still, I can't complain because it has been a whirlwind of adventure. Having a press pass for the first time has opened up so many doors to places of awesome. Here are some highlights:

- Getsuyobi got to see the pilot of Once Upon A Time and was pleasantly surprised.

- I got the chance to see the season finale of Husbands! If you aren't watching this web series from the fantastic Jane Espenson, just drop what you are doing and watch it.

- Wysefyre got an awesome surprise at the Spider-Man panel.....really wish I could say more but she threatened me with Twilight.

- I got to chat with Dark Horse's Scott Allie. I got a lot of interesting details and will be getting even more when I sit down with Christos Gage, Rebekah Isaacs, Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan tomorrow!

- Wysefyre went to the Mark Hamill panel and will be stalking him at the Next Gen booth for the rest of the weekend. If you see her there, ask her for a prezzie!

- We are all really excited that Getsuyobi went to the Felicia Day panel and didn't get arrested.

- I made some good connections that might kick our Seth Green for SNL host into high gear....and got to hear some fun tales from Matt Senreich!

I know I haven't given you a lot of detail but I promise more is on the way. We are just in so many panels that we don't have time to write! Keep following us on twitter; we will be updating every time the signal comes through.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Road to NYCC '11: Best Show Exclusive Ever!

Do you want to know what the best New York Comic Con Exclusive is?  The one that every geek is dying for?  The exclusives that people will be posting for outrageous prices on eBay?  

This one is going to be hard to find and we are the only blog that will give you any help.  That's right, we have the exclusive line on the one of a kind......

[insertgeekhere] button!

My Preciousss...

We will be tweeting our locations as much as humanly possible at NYCC.  So if you can find us, you get one of these limited edition beauties for your very own!

This work of 8-bit art was created by Rob, who is an awesome producer of awesome.  We owe you brownies!

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Road to NYCC '11: Tips for Soggy Con-goers

NYCC has begun and everyone that was there today had to deal with some less than ideal weather.  Right now the forecast still calls for rain throughout the day on Friday.  While this may only pose a minor inconvenience for your normal commute, we have to think about the broader implications when it comes to con.  Attendees are faced with the 3 block walk from Penn, possible line waits outside and the ever-important cosplay hair maintenance.

A little rain can pose a bigger issue when you have a few thousand people all gathered in the same spot, so here are a couple of quick tips to think about this weekend:

1. Bring an Umbrella - This seems simple enough, but again you must consider the implications on the rest of your Con.  You're going to need to carry this thing for the whole day, so you want to make sure you have something compact.  Another option is to turn it into an accessory.  Since we'll also be at the Anime Festival you can break out your Japanese-style umbrella or find an authentic one at a vendor.

2. Prepare for the humidity - One of the biggest complaints about people at cons is the rapid decline in personal hygiene as the con goes on.  Now imagine the first two days of con are a humid mess.  That's a scary thought.  Be considerate, double up on the deodorant and dress for the warmer weather in the Javits Center.

3. Take your Vitamins - Thousands of people in one place also means that if one person comes in with the sniffles, we all leave with a cold.  Make sure to keep yourself healthy at Con and outside of it.  I'm a big fan of Airborne for proactive measures.

4. Cos-players take note: make sure you can transport and protect your outfit and props.  If you can, keep a plastic bag handy and change at the Javits Center.  If that's not possible make sure your stuff is protected.  Evaluate what you're bringing beforehand.  It may look great in your living room, but you have to get it into NYCC safely before you can strut your stuff.

With these steps you should be all set for a happy con.  Good Luck to you and see you on the floor.  Don't forget to find us for a gift!

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Road to NYCC '11: Con Celebrities 101

So, you are ready to head off to con, excited and fresh-faced to see your favorite writer/artist/editor/actor/designer/etc....  How are you going to handle the excitement of it all?  And, how are you going to not do something that gets you arrested?

Truth be told, I have made an ass out of myself in front of a celebrity.  Because of that shameful incident, bail money is always kept on hand.  I'm not the only fan who has crossed the line at cons.  Every year, there is always a fan who takes a little too much time with a celeb, or starts fights with other fans just to see this person.

For all of you overly excited fans, here is a little handy dandy guide to keep you on the safe path.

If you feel that this doesn't apply to you, the just remember a few golden rules:

* Please be respectful to celebs, Don't be rude. They deserve common decency from their fans, not vicious verbal attack.

* Please be respectful of other fans. We are all excited to see these awesome people but that doesn't mean we get to cut lines or start fights.  And no pens.

Following common sense and general courtesies will make this and every con a fun, happy dance party time!

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Road to NYCC '11: Special Events

Oh my god! I just realized NYCC is only three days away. That’s right. THREE days. What am I going to do? Who am I going to see? Will I remember to eat? More importantly, where am I going to go after the con?

Here is a list of all the great events happening after the Javits Center lights dim and the partying begins as well as a few taking place while the sun is still shining.

Wednesday, Oct. 12

Jim Hanley’s Universe is hosting a pre-NYCC MEGA-signing event. Several select creators will be on hand, snacks and drinks will be provided and the first 50 people to buy a comic from the featured creators will get a little something special. Starts at 6:30 PM.

Thursday, Oct. 13

Clutter Launch Party - 7 PM Join Clutter Magazine as they celebrate all the exciting new Clutter developments including the formation of the Clutter Media Group at Concrete Bar

Kick-Off Concert - 7:30 PM Available to anyone with a VIP or 4-day pass. Taking place in the IGH Theater with DJ Z-Trip and Tom Morello, this concert is sure to be a blast. RSVPs were required but there are always a few no-shows.

Jim Hanley's Universe - 8:00 PM Not only are they having a pre-NYCC event but they are also having a preview night event. This signing will feature some of the creators behind DC's New 52!

Friday, Oct. 14

Frank Miller Signing - 7:00 PM Join acclaimed writer, Frank Miller, at the Union Square Barnes & Noble, as he sits down with Legendary Comics EIC, Bob Schreck to discuss his long-awaited graphic novel, Holy Terror.

Geek Girls Unite - 7:00 PM Come by NYU Bookstores for what is billed as a “reading/signing/rock show” featuring Leslie Simon and Jenny Owen Youngs.

Drinks for a Cure @ NYCC - 9:00 PM Presented by iFanboys and Shirts for a Cure, stop by Idle Hands Bar, enjoy good music, great company, and support a great cause by purchasing specific drinks.

S.O.S.Gamers New York Comic Con HERO PARTY - 9:00 PM Head over to the Tenth Rail for a little dancing, drinking, or getting your game on.

Rock Comic Con 2 - 9:00 PM Over at Tobacco Road, nerd bands Kirby Krackle, Paul and Storm, and H2Awesome will be featured along with several other special guests. Various professional cartoonists will be on hand, creating pieces that will be auctioned off to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Doors open at 7:30 PM so get there fast because this is an event that WILL sell out.

Warren Ellis Captured Ghosts Sneak Peek - 11:15 PM Officially premiering at the Napa Valley Film Festival in November, this documentary on the amazing Warren Ellis (yes, I am a huge fan), will be shown at the Cinema Theater.

Saturday, Oct. 15

*updated Galactic Girl: Attack of the Starbarians - 6:00 PM Over at the Hasboro Stage to see this Off-Broadway play for free. 

Geek Girls Network #NYCC Geek-Out - 7:00 PM This year’s theme is... zombies! Come on down to Stitch Bar & Lounge. Meet up with old friends, make some new ones, and get some awesome swag. We're one of the sponsors so we will definitely be there, so be sure to say hi!

IGN/1UP Meet & Greet - 7:15 PM Hang out with the writers from IGN and 1UP at 300 New York Bowl Lanes. Eat, drink, bowl, and get a cool t-shirt.

Silver Circle Test Screening - 7:30 PM Participants will have an opportunity to view an incomplete flim, offer suggestions, and gain insight into the world of animation.

NY Comic-Con Artist Afterparty - 8:00 PM Located at the Identity Lounge and featuring the First Annual Fight Club Artist Battle, surround yourself with fantastic artists while enjoying good tunes and drinks.

The indy AFTER PARTY 2011 - 8:00 PM Celebrate all that is indie comics with creators and innovators over at Blaggard's Pub.

CYBERTRON vs STIMULATE - 9:00 PM Blacklight performances, go-go dancers, gaming, giveaways and more will be happening over at the Gramercy Theatre.

RUBY-OKEY 2011 - 10:00 PM Feel the need to get your karaoke on? Head over to Stout NYC for booze, song, laughs and fun.

James Marsters Concert - 10:30 PM You know him from Buffy, Angel, Torchwood, Caprica, Hawaii Five-O, now discover his music as he gives a performance at Broadway Bar in Amityville, NY, a mere 60 minutes away from NYC.

Sunday, Oct. 16

NYC Zombie Crawl - 4:00 PM Help take over NYC by getting gussied up in your zombie best and joining the crawl. Head over to the Beauty Bar NYC to get made up or get creative and do it yourself. The crawl will be filmed to be part of a music video and there will be a an afterparty at Arlene’s Grocery.

Comic-Con AFTER PARTY - 5:00 PM The official NYCC after party will be taking place at Radio Star Karaoke. There will be gaming, tv watching, Pokemon card battles, karaoke, and more! 

Dances of Vice: TOKYO BLADE RUNNER - 9:00 PM Live music and performances will be taking place at Le Poisson Rouge as a “neo-Tokyo glamour” takes places as a tribute to the classic film, “Blade Runner”.

I will continue to update this as more events appears. If I have left any out, throw them my way and I will include them. Hope to see you at some of these, and if anyone knows where I can get a clone or two to go to all of these, please let me know.

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