Monday, October 24, 2011

NYCC '11: Robot Chicken Press Hour with Matt Senreich

One of the big perks of being press at NYCC is getting invited to press hours. Basically, it's a bunch of press (really fans) in a room with a really awesome person. We get to raise our hands and answer questions, just like in the movies!  I was able to attend the Robot Chicken Press Hour with Matt Senreich. Seth Green wasn't able to attend, which was probably for the best. I probably would have gone way too fangirl, since you all can see how much I love him.

For the record, Matt Senreich is a funny, side-splitting hilarous guy, so I sucked at note-taking.  Here are my top highlights from the press conversation.  

- Someone asked if RC would be spoofing the Spider-Man musical. Senreich said there is a Spider-Man sketch coming up but not a broadway sketch. None of them have seen it yet.

It's blurry Matt Senreich!  Taken by yours truly!
- One thing I never realized was how weird the episode titles are. Apparently, each season, they have a new way of coming up with the season's titles. Season 5 titles are a mash-up of someone's favorite movie and someone's hated movie.

- Sadly, we found out that Titan Maximum is on hold for now because RC takes so much time. It takes 11 months to shoot one 20-episode season of Robot Chicken.

- While Donald Faison was still starring on Scrubs, he was also interning at Robot Chicken. He would spend a few hours there everyday in their puppet department, where he learned all of the ins and outs of stop motion. Because of what he learned at RC, he created Black Stormtrooper.

- They do have some sketches that they even think go too far. One sketch that they decided never to air was a stillborn baby sketch. On one occasion, the network stopped a sketch. They had them rework it and they still didn't like it. RC made it anyway and showed it to them. The network loved it, and that's how we got The Tooth Fairy sketch.

- The big announcement at (and reason for) the press hour was the upcoming DVD of Season 5.  What's great is you can get the entire current season, even though half of it hasn't been aired.  There is also some deleted scenes and scenes with commentary, which sound interesting.  This is all available on October 25th, so you better get moving!

Right after this event, they announced at the Robot Chicken panel that they signed a deal with DC for a RC special.  That is something I can't wait for, because I can only begin to imagine what they will be doing with these well-known characters.

I heart Robot Chicken, so this was a great time.  If you ever get a chance to hear Matt Senreich and Seth Green talk about this show that is their passion, definitely go.  It will be worth the wait.

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