Thursday, October 13, 2011

Road to NYCC '11: Tips for Soggy Con-goers

NYCC has begun and everyone that was there today had to deal with some less than ideal weather.  Right now the forecast still calls for rain throughout the day on Friday.  While this may only pose a minor inconvenience for your normal commute, we have to think about the broader implications when it comes to con.  Attendees are faced with the 3 block walk from Penn, possible line waits outside and the ever-important cosplay hair maintenance.

A little rain can pose a bigger issue when you have a few thousand people all gathered in the same spot, so here are a couple of quick tips to think about this weekend:

1. Bring an Umbrella - This seems simple enough, but again you must consider the implications on the rest of your Con.  You're going to need to carry this thing for the whole day, so you want to make sure you have something compact.  Another option is to turn it into an accessory.  Since we'll also be at the Anime Festival you can break out your Japanese-style umbrella or find an authentic one at a vendor.

2. Prepare for the humidity - One of the biggest complaints about people at cons is the rapid decline in personal hygiene as the con goes on.  Now imagine the first two days of con are a humid mess.  That's a scary thought.  Be considerate, double up on the deodorant and dress for the warmer weather in the Javits Center.

3. Take your Vitamins - Thousands of people in one place also means that if one person comes in with the sniffles, we all leave with a cold.  Make sure to keep yourself healthy at Con and outside of it.  I'm a big fan of Airborne for proactive measures.

4. Cos-players take note: make sure you can transport and protect your outfit and props.  If you can, keep a plastic bag handy and change at the Javits Center.  If that's not possible make sure your stuff is protected.  Evaluate what you're bringing beforehand.  It may look great in your living room, but you have to get it into NYCC safely before you can strut your stuff.

With these steps you should be all set for a happy con.  Good Luck to you and see you on the floor.  Don't forget to find us for a gift!

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Road to NYCC '11: Con Celebrities 101

So, you are ready to head off to con, excited and fresh-faced to see your favorite writer/artist/editor/actor/designer/etc....  How are you going to handle the excitement of it all?  And, how are you going to not do something that gets you arrested?

Truth be told, I have made an ass out of myself in front of a celebrity.  Because of that shameful incident, bail money is always kept on hand.  I'm not the only fan who has crossed the line at cons.  Every year, there is always a fan who takes a little too much time with a celeb, or starts fights with other fans just to see this person.

For all of you overly excited fans, here is a little handy dandy guide to keep you on the safe path.

If you feel that this doesn't apply to you, the just remember a few golden rules:

* Please be respectful to celebs, Don't be rude. They deserve common decency from their fans, not vicious verbal attack.

* Please be respectful of other fans. We are all excited to see these awesome people but that doesn't mean we get to cut lines or start fights.  And no pens.

Following common sense and general courtesies will make this and every con a fun, happy dance party time!

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