Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Links for September 25

My apologies that Sunday Links is so late but I couldn't get my computer to turn on.....which really sucks. Anyway, here is some of the big news of the week!

New York Comic Con released their programming this week, to my dismay. The Walking Dead panel is at the same time as The Avengers panel! The Felicia Day panel is the same time as the Husbands/Jane Espenson panel! Too much awesome to pick between!!!! Oh, the humanity!
New York Comic Con)

Wizard heartthrob Daniel Radcliffe may have put his foot in his mouth this week, with the release of some behind the scenes footage. In it, he insinuates that Harry Potter is superior to Star Wars and Star Trek because it started as literature and grew to the big screen. I kinda get what he is saying but I am not sure I agree.
Nerd Bastards)

Another icon bits the dust with the announcement of the death of Optimus Prime. This one caught me by surprise.
Guerrilla Geek)

In case you were worried, we found Waldo! He has been to quite a few odd places...the last pic of Waldo is definitely a split between funny and NSFW.
Geeks Are Sexy)

Until next week....

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