Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Marvel's Point One: Highfive Marvel!

Marvel announced a new initiative called "Point One" which is a starting point for readers to join the ongoing storylines as a way to bring in new readers.

Unlike the rest of IGH, I don't read many Marvel or DC titles. The classic characters of these titles have been around forever and there is so much about them, it is hard to get started. I came into comics later in life and missed out on a lot that is important in these universes. It always seemed easier to avoid them and just read books that I could really understand. I tend to go for the smaller publishers for my comics. I know the basic origins of the major super heroes and my Marvel and DC buddies can fill me in on the details.

That's why this program is so awesome for me. Now I can jump on the Marvel train. (Too cheesy?) I would love the chance to read some of these titles, especially Invincible Iron Man (love the movies) and Deadpool (mostly because I like sarcasm). Maybe even a little Captain America, you never know. Now I have the option to jump in and understand what's going on without bugging my friends or reading 50 years of background material. The Marvelverse is my oyster. High-five Marvel. Granted, this may not bring in non-comic readers who are unlikely to walk into their local store but for the readers like me, this will be a good fit.

Point One List



MARCH 2011
HULK #30.1
THOR #620.1

APRIL 2011

I think this will help Marvel a lot too and not just in the new reader department. In looking over the list slated for the "Point One" treatment, I also saw the names for their upcoming movies for the next three years. Great way to cross promote! (Just don't change the movie too much from the story or you will have even more enraged fans then you did after the Wolverine debacle of '09.)

To sum up, me likey. I also now need some suggestions of what to read! Please leave your guidance in the comments below.

I got a lot of great info from Comic Beat and iFanboy. Go check them out.