Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Links for April 10

This weekend is being spent working at MoCCA Fest 2011, so this is a short and sweet Sunday Links.

The Eisner Award nominations were announced this week and here is a list of nominations from Nominee Heidi MacDonald at The Beat. Congrats to everyone who was recognized.

Marvel announced this week that they are releasing a Flashpoint:Venom comic at the same time that DC will be in the middle of their Flashpoint event. I agree with Newsarama; considering that the Venom comic just started, do they really need a special event?

Bluewater Comics announced that they are going to start their own Superhero universe to show all of us that they are more than unlicensed biography books. Since they are basing the characters on Greek myths, it's not really anything new.

I have been spending a lot of time getting ready for Game of Thrones on HBO, and while I have done a variety of fun things, there is some help for those who are trying to catch up. The Discriminating Fangirl has a cheat sheet to help you study up on the characters and Bleeding Cool has a great Behind the Scenes video.

Finally, Thomas Katers at iFanboy wrote a great article about what comics failed to teach him about life. It is an interesting insight into what kids and adults can get out of comics.