Saturday, October 12, 2013

NYCC '13: Day Two Recap

Day Two of New York Comic Con always feels like a real con day because it's a totally full convention center. The crowds are double the volume and double the headache.

I opted to skip the people troughs this morning and arrived just before 11. First stop was checking out the latest offering from Mega Bloks. Their new Call of Duty items look fantastic! Then I went on a freebie hunt for a bit, snagging a lot including special collector's item for our bags! I also ran the gauntlet of autographs at Dark Horse comics. I got to chat briefly with Mike Norton and Dennis Hopeless (The Answer!), Bryan J. L. Glass (Furious), Donny Cates (Buzzkill and Hunter Quaid), and Eliot Rahal (Hunter Quaid).

My favorite was sitting down to interview Vivek J. Tiwary and Andrew C. Robinson about their upcoming book The Fifth Beatle. These two guys are great and having read it, I know they have created something amazing.

After the interview, I grabbed some food and camped out for a David Goyer autograph to add to my superman collection! While I waited, I watch Jason David Frank (aka the Green/White Ranger) hype up his line. Very entertaining!! He also did a run up and down the line of John Barrowman fans and I think it was at the request of Barrowman himself. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that David Goyer brought some of the cast of DaVinci's Demons with him! Got a great amount of autographs, plus interviewed on camera by Starz!

I also got to interview Georges Jeanty about his involvement with the upcoming Serenity book. While he didn't reveal much, it was super exciting. I ended my night by meeting up with Wysefyre at The Fifth Beatle panel, which was super fun.  Only I didn't end my night there.  Instead, I ended up at the State of Syn Panel with David Hewlett.  I got to see the first two episodes, which were unlike anything I've ever seen before.  And I got interviewed on camera again!  So to recap: Got a ton of freebies, a ton of autographs, conducted two interviews, attended two panels and was interviewed two times.  Damn, I'm tired.

As for Wysefyre, she got a late start and decided that instead of spending the day trapped in panels, she'd use today to find friends and wander around Artist's Alley. She talked to talented artists such as Amy Mebberson, Sara Woolley, and Ren Mckinzie, then started to come up with a plan to go on an Artist's Alley shopping spree on Sunday. Afterwards, she wandered the Javits, checking out the cosplayers and finished the night at the 5th Beatle panel.

Now we march onto Day 3 aka Saturday aka Holy Crap All Those People!  Personally, I'm psyched for the Superman 75th Panel and the Dan Harmon signing.  If I do anything else, I'll be shocked!  Stay tuned for details!

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