Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Links

Yesterday the IGH team spent the day at the NYC Coffee and Tea Festival, so I am recovering from my caffeine high as I look back on the past week's news.

In DC news this week, we have the sad announcement that seven titles are being canceled over the next two months. It looks like they are cleaning house before the Flashpoint event takes over.

Who is that women in red and gold? It's our new Wonder Woman! Adrianne Palicki is taking control of the lasso in the new NBC series. In more Wonder Woman news, you can watch disturbing audition material from the show at i09. Geek girls have come too far to still have "big tits save lives" comments. I get what they were going for, but they need to revisit the script again.

Are you a fan of Esty and all of those handmade items? Well be careful: According to this article over at The Weekly Crisis, there are some "original artworks" being sold on Esty that are really stolen from hardworking artists. Caveat Emptor!

My favorite gamer news of the week is the announcement that Fables and The Walking Dead games are being created by Telltale Games. With Telltale in the mix, these are going to be download-able games, rather than in a store, so this is one less thing to stand in line for!

For all of the emotionally-scarred Glee fans from the last episode, here is some more Bieber to pass the time! I love James Earl Jones and anything he says sounds great to me, even if it is Justin Bieber.

Until next week......

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