Thursday, May 3, 2012

[IGH] at the Movies: The Avengers

Yes, we got to see The Avengers early. We are that cool. "Marvel" at our awesomeness. But enough bragging, here is what we thought.

Wilderowens' Thoughts

Marvel has been soundly beating DC on the big screen for the past few years and they just raised the bar.  The Avengers was everything you could want in a superhero flick.

For all of the Joss naysayers, you were so wrong. Our man Whedon stayed true to the characters while adding his own brand of humor in the mix. Each character was explored and had a path to walk through the film.

It was a great ensemble film but for me, the standout was Black Widow played by Scarlett Johansson. This character had the most backstory and development throughout the movie. If anything, I think they setup a great Black Widow/ Hawkeye film. Hulk was another one that impressed me. I had been worried about Mark Ruffalo as Banner but he impressed me and played off Downey's humor really well.

I wish I could give spoilers, but I just can't. A few tips though. Some of the 3-D effects were great at the beginning of the film but then it just made it harder to follow some of the action scenes.  I say avoid the 3-D and have a few extra bucks for snacks. Also, stay to the very end of the credits. And I mean the very end. It's worth it.

Wysefyre's Thoughts

Dear Joss,

Remember a few years ago when you were supposed to be attached to the Wonder Woman movie and it fell through, and a lot of people were pissed about it? I was one of those people, but now, I am so happy it never came to fruition. Not because I don't think you would have done a great job; I know you would have. That's the problem. If you had done Wonder Woman you might not have been able to do The Avengers because you would be too busy with other projects, and that would have been a crime. That's right. A crime. Because you, Joss Whedon, have created one of the most perfect comic book movies ever. It's a pretty great action movie too.

The script was fantastic. I loved all the characters, especially Bruce Banner and the Black Widow. One of your greatest strengths is you know how to write for an ensemble. Everyone interacted with everyone and got more than adequate screen time. I loved watching Banner and Tony Stark together. I could see them having a nerdy TV show together, and I adored Hulk and Thor. You can tell they have a special relationship, but the true stand-out of this movie is Black Widow. She is exactly what she is supposed to be: a badass, butt-kicking, super spy who is also human. As Wilderowens said she is the one who had the most development. The way she was introduced in the movie has to be one of my all-time favorite moments. 

I'd also like to thank you and curse you for giving Avengers your special touch of "Joss-ness." You have a few Whedonverse people in there, one of which caused a SQUEEE, you have a scene that definitely reminded me of one of your shows, and you did that other thing that I can't mention. You know what it is. It was effective, but grrrr.

Now I won't say the movie was perfect. There were some effects that looked a little off, and I'm not sure I like what done with Pepper Potts, but it a way I like that it wasn't perfect. It just means you're human, and not the other-worldly being you sometimes seem to be. But the movie comes close.

So, thank you Joss Whedon. Thank you for creating a movie that caused us to gasp, laugh, and cheer. Thank you for knowing the characters so well that you were able to do them justice, and thank you for being so damn talented and just being you.


PS If we ever meet again and I ask if I can touch you, I swear I'm not trying to be weird and creepy, it just means my brain fried, and I couldn't think of anything else to say to you because I'm in awe of you.

PPS The extra special thing you added to the end of the movie was awesome and perfect. Just perfect.

To sum up our feelings, go see The Avengers.  It opens in just a few hours, so just head to the theater now!!!!

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