Friday, December 10, 2010

Support Star Wars and Geek Pride for Katie

Do you know what today is? Today is Support Star Wars and Geek Pride for Katie Day! If you are not sure who Katie is and why she is awesome, then climb out from under that rock and learn a bit.

Katie is a first grader in Chicago, who was being teased for bringing her Star Wars water bottle to school because the boys in her grade said that Star Wars was only for boys. She got very upset and tried to hide her geek pride. Luckily, she had very supportive parents who encouraged her to stand up to them! Her mom is also a blogger who wrote about this for Anti-Bullying week. Well, the geek girls saw this and took up the call. She got so many comments on that entry that the site had to set up a new page.

That is why today is dedicated to Katie, to show her that everyone, boy or girl, can love Star Wars, sci-fi, and fantasy no matter what other people think! In solidarity, today you should wear something Star Wars to show that you love it too! Katie's parents also request that, since it is the holiday season, you donate a Star Wars gift to a toy drive and specify that it is for a boy or a girl.

To Katie:
Rock on! We all support you and hope that you let no one keep you down!
You are great just the way you are. :)

You can also join the event on Facebook here and see what other people are saying.

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