Monday, December 26, 2011

The Greatness of Google+: Jason Freeny

Since joining Google+ many months ago, I have been able to connect with the best mix of geeks and nerds from my facebook and twitter feeds.  G+ also has the best mix of comic artists and writers.

One of my new favorite finds on G+ is artist and creator Jason Freeny.  While I am new to his work, it has quickly become a favorite of mine.  His style is a little weird and disturbing, which fits me perfectly.  My favorite pieces of work are his one of a kind sculptures, which I have begun saving up for!  Now is the time to buy from him, since he is the "Breakthrough Artist of the Year" from the 2011 Designer Toy Awards in Clutter Magazine at SDCC!

Must have.......
One of the things that I love about his G+ page is that he shows how he creates these sculptures from start to finish.

    This becomes this!

Even if you don't follow him on G+, you should go on his site and check out all of his work.  He has a lot of awesome work including some great free wallpapers that now decorate my new laptop.  Just don't blame me if you become obsessed too.

All images ©Jason Freeny

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