Thursday, July 12, 2012

SDCC '12: Preview Night Recap

It's been a long day filled with comic-filled booths, fun freebies and lots of waiting.  In case you don't about Preview Night at SDCC, it is a chance for a few fans to raid the floor and check out all of the booths before it gets so crowded you can't walk.  [IGH] Tip: Always get the ticket for Preview Night.

However, we started off the day kinda slow.  Getsuyobi and I, still on east coast time, woke up and got breakfast before taking a walk around the downtown area.  There are a lot of awesome pop-up stores that are going to be open tomorrow.  Then we headed over to the convention center to wait to get in.  Yeah, that was 10 am.  We made it to the floor about 5:45 pm.  The waiting was kinda like waiting, nothing special.  I did go over and visit the Hall H crowd.  There were people there that started camping on Sunday.  Dedication.

This was it for about 7 hours.
Once we got to the floor, Getsuyobi went off to take pics, while I went hunting for exclusives.  My first stop was the Mattel booth for a Mystery Machine and then to the Archana booth for a Tesla GN.  (BTW, Happy Belated Birthday Nikola!)

I needed this.

After that, I hung out with the crew at Dark Horse and got some autographs from the Orchid creative team of Tom Morello and Scott Hepburn.  Very awesome.  I also got some freebies and a pic of myself getting harnessed at the Falling Skies booth.  Can't wait to see that on their site!  Some other highlights were playing Castle Crashers on an arcade machine and Cat Grab at the Adult Swim booth.

Yeah, that's me getting ready for Cat Grab.  

It was a fun night and we are so ready for tomorrow.  Can't wait to start panels and see friends!  Stay tuned for more fun from SDCC!

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