Monday, August 6, 2012

SDCC Booth Tour of Awesome


Yes, I got a booth tour of Quantum Mechanix to see what's coming up on their roster.  These girls and guys are true fans, and it shows in the painstaking details in their work.  Some of these models look like they plucked them right off the screen!

Check out some of the things that will be draining your bank account soon.

So Say We All
They debuted plushie BSG Raiders and Vipers at SDCC!  I really regret not buying these but I bet my roommate is happy I'm not "flying" them around the apartment, making ship noises.

Coming up this year are treats for Serenity, Guild and Warehouse 13 fans with statues of Codex and Pete and a Little Damn Hero of Inara.  Jen, the QMX staffer that showed me around, even let me hold the Tesla they are showcasing.  This item is so awesome!!!  Just make sure you order soon, they are discontinuing this after the next run.

I was waiting for Artie to come around the corner!

It's Pete!!!

This is no mere Serenity but the most detailed, intricate model of our 
favorite firefly class ship.  All it's missing is a tiny crew! 

Tons of Star Trek is coming out for the 25th Anniversary, including this sweet model of the USS Enterprise 1701-D.  It lights up and it took all my willpower not to "fly" it around the booth making phaser noises.

Finally, the neatest light-up Tardis is only a few months away for you Whovians.  It even makes the noises, but due to the crowds we couldn't hear it.  :(  Still, it definitely looks bigger on the inside!

Make sure you stay tuned to the QMX website  for all the updates!!!!!  I know I will!

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