Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Review: Itty Bitty Hellboy #1

Out today is the latest addition to the Hellboy universe, Itty Bitty Hellboy from Dark Horse Comics! Issue #1 of 5 is co-written by Art Baltazar and Franco, plus art by Art Baltazar. These guys do their best to bring the red guy to you and your kids.

This is an single issue of six short stories that introduce the characters in a fun way.  We get to see all the old familiars Hellboy, Liz, Johan, Roger, Abe plus the baddies Rasputin, von Klempt, and Kroenenbut.   
Now, Hellboy is not know for being kid-friendly but Art and Franco are the go-to guys for making properties for families.  They turn HB from a demon-smashing giant to a small kid hanging with his pals in their box fort.  Their rivals are as violent as Reggie from Archie Comics but twice as cute.  But still, the basics of Hellboy are there because he is still that wise-cracking fighter that cares about his friends.

The art is of classic Aw Yeah! style, similar to Tiny Titans.  It fits the slapstick nature of the stories and is just freaking adorable.  It doesn't represent the classic Hellboy art but that's a good thing.  Each character is still completely recognizable for any Hellboy fan.

For anyone looking to use this as a gateway for the Hellboy/B.P.R.D. universe, I don't really see that happening.  This is an all ages book but really aimed at young kids under 8.  Hellboy is definitely an teen to adult book so that is a big gap in years.  

This was a fully entertaining read for me as an adult but I can see child me cracking up as well.  Kids always want to read what the adults are reading.  Itty Bitty Hellboy is a fantastic addition to all ages comics that make them feel like grown-ups that is just as entertaining for the adults.  This is must buy for HB fans of all ages.  

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