Monday, October 14, 2013

NYCC '13: Day Four Recap

The last day of con is always so bittersweet. I'm sad that it's almost over but at the same time, I can't wait to go to sleep and I definitely won't miss the crowds. Sunday at NYCC is also fun/aggravating because it's Kids Day! I like seeing all the adorable cosplaying kids but it's harder to walk since there are tiny obstacles running around. It's also the grossest day of the con since some people fail to observe basic needs. But still, Sunday has some perks, including great deals to be had from dealers that want to carry home as little merch as possible.  Sadly, my partner in crime, Wysefyre, was unable to come today so I was bummed that she missed out on the last day merch.

This morning I got the Javitz early and spent my last day in the lines of insanity. They are giant holding pens to get into the hall, sectioned by metal barriers that fall apart very easily. What has been made fun about it is that every time one falls, the whole crowd cheers. It happens enough to help pass the time until the floor opens but I'm definitely not going to miss it.

Since it is the last day of con, it was a great day to wander the floor and grab freebies!  A lot is up for grabs on the floor, which is always fun for me.  Additionally, our friends at Dark Horse Comics and ComicMix made sure we had some goodies to give away (The giveaway will be up soon, I promise!).  I also did some early holiday shopping because of the discounted sales.

Today was also a huge autograph day for me.  I got (in no particular order) Georges Jeanty, Aaron Kuder, Greg Pak, Freddie Williams II, Scott Lobdell, Franco, Art Balthazar, Cliff Chiang, Ivan Reis, David Finch, Eddy Barrows, Kieron Gillen, and James Tynion IV.  Whew.  My favorite item was a sketch set from Freddie Williams II and Scott Lobdell.  Freddie was doing sketches and I asked him to surprise me so he drew me a surprised Robin.  As he was drawing, Scott decided to draw me a sketch of Freddie drawing a sketch for me.  (By the end of that sentence, sketch doesn't even look like a word.)

Our photog Getsuyobi got his hands on a highly coveted Stan Lee signing ticket from the Marvel booth.  I got my hands on his fancy camera to take really crappy pics of him on stage.  Still, it was super exciting, especially for a huge Marvel fan like him.  After that was all done, I ended the day at the Sleepy Hollow panel.  While I like the tv show, the panel was a little disappointing but I really enjoyed listening to Orlando Jones and sitting.

And now the con is over.  I'm awash with emotions about this but I can say that I had an amazing time seeing old friends and making new ones, finding creators I love and ones I discovered, new and returning exhibitors, and everything in between.  This is totally the con to attend on the east coast and I hope all of you try to make it next year!  I'll see you on the floor!

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