Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Review: Unmasked Vol. 1

We've all read superhero stories, and we all know the basics of how they go.  But what really makes up a superhero?  Is it just saying it or is there a specific moral code that needs to be there?  Unmasked Vol 1 delves into this question, looking at what makes a superhero.

Unmasked was created and written by Michael Sarrao, with art by John Broglia and published through Kickstarter.

Unmasked follows reporter Paige Cruise in a world where the heroes have failed and villains run the show.  She suddenely ends up in the middle of a war when a group called the "New Age Heroes" arrives on the scene.  They are bent on killing the world's greatest super-villain, who is now a 97 year old man.  Are they really the heroes everyone is waiting for or just a new set of baddies?  As Paige begins to search for answers, she ends up with a lot more questions.

Unmasked is definitely the superhero story for people tired of the big two or just never got started on them.  It's a nice change of pace from the usual fare but still pulling inspiration from those classic tales.  This is also a good fit for any Irredeemable fans.  Since our heroes are not necessarily good, it adds a certain amount of drama.  There are points where the wording isn't clear and I admit, I found the plot a little too busy a couple times.  Overall though, this is a solid story.

The art is a big stand out in this comic.  Broglia stays with that classic, clean superhero look throughout this volume.  I really liked his character design for the New Age Heroes.  They were all unique in their own way but still inspired by the original heroes in the book.

Now that I've sold you on Unmasked, you can check out their current Kickstarter for Unmasked: Signal!  If you pledge now, you can get a copy of Vol. 1 and the next installment!  Get caught up before Vol. 2 comes out!

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