Sunday, June 12, 2016

Have You Registered Yet for NYCC?

In case you missed it, which means that you are living under a bridge somewhere, New York Comic Con is doing fan verification profiles this year.  This is part of their effort to stop the scalpers from gouging ticket prices and keeping fans out in the cold.  Will this work? It might.  Will it harm fans from getting tickets?  Possibly but no more than previous years.  What does that mean to you?  It means you need to register before you can buy a ticket.  It means anyone who wants to attend NYCC must register.

Why should you register?  Tickets aren't on sale yet, and registering doesn't guarantee you any tickets.  But it just ensures you will have the opportunity to buy one.  And you might be thinking that you won't be going to NYCC.  Registering doesn't commit you to attending and hey, who knows if things may change for you.  Don't miss out on the chance to register.  Two minutes is all it takes.

Check out the registration details and do that quick since registration ends Monday, June 13th at 11:59PM EST!  And if I haven't sold you on registering, check out this "inspirational" video from the team at ReedPop!

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