Thursday, November 15, 2012

Finding YOUR Villian

By ladyvader99 

I thought this kind of informative writing would be a door opener to fellow nerds. If you haven’t branched out and “met” a villain you loved to hate, maybe this will help! I first embraced villains as a young, messy haired girl of four. Speed Racer and Sailor Moon were watched almost 24/7 and let me tell you, Snake Oiler and Queen Beryl ruled my dreams. I don’t know if it was the kickass clothing or the devious way they held themselves that made them memorable.

Let’s start by defining what a “villain” is. Aw, who are we kiddin’, it’s the bad guy (or in the better story lines, IS it?)! I’ll begin with Marvel villains and I’ll dedicate this post to the lesser known Ultron and Apocalypse. My cohorts and I may post more of our faves so keep a lookout and let’s dive into the metal insanity that is Ultron.


Ultron is the creation of Henry Pym (also known as Ant Man) and gradually develops its intelligence to the point where it goes insane. Made from superior adamantium, Ultron is virtually indestructible. His various incarnations ranged from being “infected” with human emotion to creating Jocasta for a robotic bride. Currently known as Ultron Pym, it was banished to ultra-space where it hid its consciousness in an inert Galadorian Spaceknight that was reactivated on accident. An Age of Ultron is currently looming.
Ultron’s powers include superhuman levels of strength, speed, stamina, durability, reflexes, subsonic flight and various offensive weapons on top of being a superb roboticist and strategist. Good luck fighting THAT guy!

If you’d like to read a damn good story line with Ultron in it, check out the Siege event, especially issues #34-#37.

Best Ultron quote to date, IMO: “Hope is a human delusion.”


Merciless, and brutal, Apocalypse first arrived on the Marvel scene in the 1980′s, as the first mutant. Regardless of being over 5,000 years old, Apocalypse had alien technology that he used to his advantage to implement his “survival of the fittest” mentality, transform and enhance himself, and entered a state of suspended animation. Large, grey skinned and blue lipped, Apocalypse cuts an intimidating figure, especially when flanked by his Four Horsemen.

His mutant powers include shape-shifter on a molecular level, teleportation, immense strength, near invulnerability, rapid regeneration, energy absorption, and projection. He is resistant to telepathy and psychic attack, and may have limited telepathic and telekinetic capabilities of his own. Currently, Apocalypse has been reborn as a child in the new series Uncanny X-Force.

If you’d like to read a damn good story line with Apocalypse in it, check out the Age of Apocalypse mini-series!

Best Apocalypse quote to date, IMO: “Enjoy your small victory Xavier, for the Age of Apocalypse is nigh!” *evil laughter*


First seen in Wolverine vol.2 #4, Bloodscream is a surgeon who is transformed into a vampire like being in the late 1500′s. “Saved” by a Native American shaman/necromancer named Dagoo, Bloodscream doesn’t age and has been seen fighting in every war he can. Repulsed by his state, Dagoo tells him he can brew a potion with the blood of a man who doesn’t age (not himself) and be cured. World War II begins and Bloodscream meets a Canadian soldier named Logan. After an initial encounter leaves Bloodscream near death, he runs into Logan years later as Wolverine and realized he has also not aged. Bloodscream has tried on several occasions to drain Wolverine for his precious elixir and so far, he has failed. He has currently been “killed” by Ant-Man at the Hydra headquarters, who admits it is only a matter of time before he pulls himself together and heals.

Bloodscream’s powers include all of those of a vampire, including superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility and reflexes and a regenerating healing factor. He does require blood/energy to live, which he drains from his victims, leaving a hand print behind on those who survive. He seems impervious to all the weaknesses of a vampire and that allows him to wander freely.

He doesn’t appear in a full story arc, but check out Wolverine issues #78, 84 and 123 for a bit of his best fights with Wolverine!

Best Bloodscream quote, IMO: “I shall feast on you first, child. The appetizer before the main course. Wolverine can watch.”


Gabriel Summers is the youngest Summers brother with an odd origin story (frankly, I don’t know anyone with a normal origin story!). Incubated via Shi’ar technology, sent to Earth to be a servant, and then rescued by Moira McTaggert, Gabriel joined a new team of X-Men to save the original X-Men from Krakoa right before M-Day (M-Day is when Scarlet Witch stripped nearly all mutants of their powers). After fusing with Darwin and being left for dead, Vulcan decides to enact revenge on the Shi’ar Empire. Once there he enters a treaty with his mother’s murderer, D’Ken and marries Deathbird, only to stab D’Ken in the back and become Emperor of Shi’ar. Vulcan dies after many adventures, during an attack on the Kree in a giant explosion that tears a hole in space and time. Not too shabby for a villain!

Vulcan’s powers include energy absorption, manipulation, flight, force field projection and manipulation, varied energy blasts, limited super power replication and repression, energy siphon and disruption and can generate heat.

Check out an excellent story featuring Vulcan in X-Men: Deadly Genesis

Best Vulcan quote IMO: “Okay, I have a couple of questions: First, who are YOU supposed to be and second….or you’ll do WHAT?”

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