Monday, October 28, 2013

It's Time for All Hallow's Read!!

With Halloween right around the corner, everything is coming up scary. Most people turn to TV and movies to reach their fear quota. However, Neil Gaiman is encouraging all of us to read more with his All Hallow's Read. That's right put down the remote and pick up a comic or book. Here are some suggestions to frighten up your Halloween week.

Scary Comics Picks for the Week

Wilderowens' Pick - Hellboy: The Midnight Circus 

Written by Mike Mignola and Art by Duncan Fegredo
Out last week, this is a great story following Hellboy as a child being lured to a local circus. Traditionally, circuses are considered great fun. That is, until they try to steal a child by playing on his fears. This is a great read for Hellboy fans or first time readers.

Wysefyre's Pick - Arkham Asylum: A Serious House in Serious Earth 
Written by Grant Morrison and Art by Dave McKean
An oldie but one that has stayed with me since I first read it years ago. The story involves Batman having to enter Arkham after the patients (inmates) have taken over. As great as the story is what makes this such a horrifying comic is the art. Dave McKean's style is surreal and haunting and leaves an indelible mark. I don't normally talk about letterers, but Gaspar Saladino's work enhanced the piece in ways I had never thought possible for a comic. This powerhouse team created one of the best Batman stories ever and left me looking around corners waiting for the Joker to appear.

Art by Sean Von Gorman

Scary Books Picks for the Week

Wilderowens' Pick - The Strain Trilogy 
by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan
Yes, it's a comic too but the books are so well written that I fell right into the story. Especially since it was set in NYC where I live. At one point, I was reading a scene while I was in the exact real world location.  That can mess anyone up because no one wants to be in that world.  But even without being in NYC, these vamps will terrify you just like they should.

Wysefyre's Pick - It 
by Stephen King
other oldie but one that continues to be a goodie. I've read this book so many times, I've lost count, yet I always find something new to scare me. A story all about childhood fears and how they affect us throughout our lives, which is a scary thought by itself, but when you throw in vanishing children, mutilations, mysterious voices in drains, abandoned woods, and one of the most terrifying clowns ever presented on the page, also known as Pennywise the Clown, you get a great story that will have you leaving your lights on at night.

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