Tuesday, May 6, 2014

[IGH] at the Movies: Son of Batman

Out this week is DC Animation's Son Of Batman.  You can check out a clip and here is the official description:

Batman learns he has a son, Damian – and to further complicate matters, the mother is Talia al Ghul, daughter of one of his most dreaded enemies, Ra’s Al Ghul. When the odds quickly turn against Batman and Damian, Batman must become both father and mentor to the aggressive, agile new Robin. Together they form an uneasy alliance to try and thwart the criminal enterprise of Deathstroke and his army of ninja man-bats before there are international consequences.  

Check below the break to see a sorta spoilery review!

I enjoyed the story very much. They did a great job of introducing Damian and Bruce to each other. I was most impressed with how well paced it was. The story spreads out how they began to bond in a very natural way.  One of my favorite parts was Damien's insistence that he was going to drive the Batmobile.  It was a great injection of humor at the best times.  I wish I had seen a little more of Nightwing but he wasn't all that important to the story.

Animation was solid, like most DC films. The fight scenes were well drawn and easy to follow. I especially enjoyed the final fight between Damian and Deathstroke. The scenery wasn't anything special but served its purpose well enough. I liked how well the character facial expressions worked with the voice acting. 

Now, the voice actors. I loved loved loved Stuart Allen, who played Damien. He really brought the arrogance needed for that role but also brought out real emotions through that. When Ra's Al Gul dies, you can hear the sadness in Allen's voice. He paired perfectly with the animation.

I really enjoyed David McCallum as Alfred. While he didn't have a lot of scenes, he brought out a great amount of feeling and sarcasm in his lines. I also appreciated Jason Mara's Batman. While he is no Conroy, I thought he brought the correct "gritty" tone to the Dark Knight. I was admittedly disappointed with Morena Baccarin's Talia. I thought at times it just felt like she was reading lines rather than playing a character. And yes, Talia was played rather cold but it still felt like she was the weak link in the film.

Son of Batman was an enjoyable watch.  It may be an action film, but it also shows the Bat family working together and teaching the real meaning of justice.  I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good Batman film.

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