Thursday, May 22, 2014

Review: Women of Legend Trading Cards

Since it is Women in Comics month, I wanted to take a moment to look at the Women of Legend Trading cards. Cryptozoic was kind enough to provide us with some packs at toy fair back in February.

Each card features a prominent female character from the DC universe. Some characters are represented more than once because they are on their own card as well as a team card. One card that I got in my packs that made me really happy was Lois Lane. She was described by her personal achievements, and not her relationship with Superman. I thought it was very empowering to highlight that.

One feature I really liked was that every card had original artwork. For the most part, the art was very well done, while being true to the well known style of the character. In some packs, you can even find original art. I actually found a Saturn Girl painted sketch card! My only complaint was it was nearly impossible to find out who the artist was on any of the cards. They have a list of the artists on the website, but they really don't distinguish who worked on what.  Hopefully, if they do a second series, they will have a spot on the card to highlight the creator.

Like every set, Women of Legend has special, hard to find cards. This one comes with the aforementioned sketch cards.  They also have Totally Fabricated cards, which comes with a "piece" of cape or even some of the invisible plane!  There is also two special sets put together by writer Gail Simone (foil cards) and artist Katie Cook (sticker cards).

When it comes right down to it, this is a great trading card set to collect. This is a great set for any DC fan, but especially for the younger set who are still discovering all of the amazing characters of the DC Universe.

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