Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Strange Attractors Gets A Rebirth!

Out tomorrow is a reprinting of Charles Soule's Strange Attractors #1.  It was originally released as a graphic novel from Archaia but will now be a five issue comic series from Boom! Studios, including a new short story, Antithesis.

The story is a chaos math problem, wrapped up with a compelling character in Dr. Brownfield, that he uses to continually try and save the city.  When he realizes he needs help, he calls upon Heller Wilson, a young math grad student.  The story is conveyed through amazing art by Greg Scott as well as Complexity Maps by Robert Saywitz that are one of the most fantasical things I have ever seen.     

The original story is broken up over the issues run.  The addition of the new story, with art by Soo Lee, follows Dr. Brownfield in his youth, as he begins his quest to save New York City.  It is an interesting glimpse into how this all began, but I admit I look at it differently than a first time reader would.  Still, I am excited to see how Dr. Brownfield's past sheds light on the original story.

Way back in 2013, we reviewed the original release of the story.  Soule was just growing in popularity but I was already a fan of his series, 27, so this was a must have for me.  In my opinion, while his Marvel books are very good, I personally love his creator-owned projects.  Strange Attractors is his love letter to New York City.  As a lifelong New Yorker, it particularly resonates with me.  

I highly recommend that you pick up Strange Attractors.  It is a fantastic story, totally unlike anything else you have read.  And once you do, you will never look at the world the same way again.

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