Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Review: WWE The Cell Deluxe Playset

This holiday season I got to help my nephew put together the WWE The Cell Playset. It’s a giant Hell in a Cell, and it’s definitely something.

First off, the thing is HUGE! It’s so big we had to assemble it in the basement instead of his room. But the inconvenience was worth it as we saw what it supposed to look like. 

The first thing we did was assemble the ring. That was easy enough. The hardest things to do were unknotting the ropes and making sure the logo decals were properly placed. We got it done pretty quickly, and then took a break for a quick match.

The problems started happening when we got to the panels to connect the actual Cell.

Each side consists of two panels which connect in two ways, an interlock and a hook on the top and bottom of the panels. The hooks worked perfectly. It was exactly what it should be. It was the interlocking part where we had problems. With the exception of the ceiling panels and the entrance panels, the others didn’t connect. They were off by so little, but it made a huge difference. We couldn’t get the panels to connect. 

Eventually, my brother brought his tools, did a little magic, and got the panels to connect, but because he had to really work the pieces over, some of the panels were a little warped, and the interlock was loose. 

But that didn’t stop my nephew. Once we got everything in place, the epic match between Triple H and Dean Ambrose began. 

The Cell allows for many different positions. The roof panels have smaller ones in them, which open. We had fun dangling Triple H. *photos below*

The Cell is very photogenic. We were able to take fun action shots. My nephew enjoyed using the ropes and the roof panels the most. Ambrose’s moonsault was unexpected, but so awesome! It was so cool!

Overall, I really like the set, but I checked some of its reviews online and the issue we had with the panels is one many people have had. So, there’s a construction issue which needs to be addressed. For its price point, the problem shouldn’t be there.

Assembling it is easy. Kids can put it together, but it’s more fun to do it with an adult. Okay, I’m just saying that because I enjoyed the bonding time I had with my nephew. Sure, there may have been a few colorful words tossed around and an accidentally mooning, but we had fun. He even took a few of these photos. 

It’s big and bulky. You have to make sure you have ample room to play, and while the ring easily detaches from the cell, you really do need a somewhat permanent spot for it. It’s highly unlikely someone is going to keep putting it together and breaking it down. It’s not built for that kind working over. Especially if you have to fight to connect the panels. Doing so weakens them. 

I love the ring. It feels authentic. I would have loved to have a ring like that growing up. It makes you want to play with it. You want to use the ropes and do moves off the top turnbuckle. 

Would I recommend this? Yes and no. It all comes down to circumstances. It’s not a cheap ring. It’s great for a holiday present, but unless you or the person you’re giving this to desperately wants this particular set, you can get cheaper rings and then supplement those with more wrestling figures. If you’re in a tiny apartment, this takes up a lot of space. Again, there are other rings that aren’t as big. 

BUT if you or the gift recipient are a die hard fan, you’re going to have fun. Not only will you be able to have great matches, but if you’re like my nephew, it's going to want to experiment with media. As I said before, it’s so photogenic, and as you can see, you can film fantastic stunts.

Here's how we did it and some of the pics we took. 

On a scale of James Ellsworth to Stone Cold, I’d give this a solid Rusev. It’s good but needs more work if it wants to be a WWE World Heavyweight Champ. 

You can buy The Cell Playset starting at $69.99 at most retailers. 

If you buy it, let us know what you think!

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