Friday, January 20, 2017

Supernatural Keychains Are Here and They're Adorable!

I may or may not have a small blind bag addiction. Add that to a love of Supernatural, a sale, and coupons, and it leads to me getting 15 bags to open. Like I said, I MAY have a small problem.

Supernatural is one of those weird shows where there is merchandise, but not a lot of it is in figure form, so when I find some, even if they're cutesy. I'm going to snatch them up.

9 characters are featured, with 2 variants not pictured.

You can get (from left to right): Dean, Rowena, Castiel, Crowley, Kevin, Charlie, Bobby, Abaddon, and Sam.

Pros: They're lighter than I expected. They might look simply designed, but they have a lot of detail. Crowley is probably my favorite. He comes with a fireball. They are made of a soft, flexible plastic, so if it were to get caught on something, it wouldn't break. The keychain itself is large-ish and keys can easily fit onto it.

Cons: Obviously, these are meant to be shown, but if you don't have a bag to dangle them from, or you don't want to, then they can take up a little room. Unless you have several different keys you want to keep separated, there really is no need for this many keychains except as decorative pieces. Unfortunately, the keychain is attached to the head, so you can't pull it out, and most of the feet are shaped in such a way they can't stand on their own.

They retail between $5-$7 and can be gotten at Hot Topic as well as online.

Would I recommend getting these? I think I would, if you can find them at the lower price point. Adorable as they may be, they're still blind bags. I got 15 bags and couldn't complete the collection. I'm still missing Bobby, Castiel, and Charlie. I'm probably going to try to complete the set, because I want my Bobby, but I don't want to spend an arm and a leg on these, and I don't think you do either. Collecting is hard work, you don't want to go completely broke over it.

If there's one thing I wish they had done differently, it's that I wish instead of the Sam and Dean variants, I wish they had made Baby. Baby needs more love.

Photos below:

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