Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review: The Massive #1

Cover by Brian Wood
and Kristian Donaldson
Brian Wood must be the busiest guy in comics.  Today alone he has the release of X-Men #30, Ultimate Comics X-Men #13, Conan the Barbarian #5, DMZ TPB Vol. 12, and of course The Massive #1.  I got tired just typing that out.  Wood is joined on this new series by artist Kristian Donaldson.

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In his newest book from Dark Horse Comics, Wood takes us to a post-disaster/apocalypse where humanity has been nearly wiped away by the planet.  We follow the crew of the Kapital, a group of environmental terrorists as they try to survive long enough to figure out what happened to their sister ship, the Massive, and maybe a way to fix the planet.

While the story doesn't give too much away, we get short introductions to the crew, led by Callum Israel, through the Bering Sea.  Not too much happens while the crew spots and prepares for attack helicopters in pursuit.  Wood 
slows the story by showing flashbacks to the Crash, a series 
of ecological events that led to this point. While not much 
action happens in this first issue, you can feel the pressure building.  Many questions will echo in your mind when you finish reading, which is exactly what should happen!

The biggest bonus of this issue is all of the extra print-only features it includes.  While I don't want to give too much away, the extras provide more character insight into our main hero Callum through written logs and dossiers.  It also includes some more background on the Crash, as well as some random maps that may factor into future issues.

The art is a fitting addition to the story.  All of the current action is slightly grayed to help portray the cold scene.  When we get a flashback, it is in light browns, like a faded photograph.  I would also like to commend letterer Jared K. Fletcher, who did an amazing job.  The lettering is different for dialogue and historical commentary, which is helpful for the readers.

The Massive is a must buy, in print, for you today.  It is a good read that makes you wanting answers.  The story feels like it will unfold into a huge payoff of a conspiracy, and who doesn't love that?  At the very least, it will make you want to recycle more.  Enjoy The Massive and have a wonderful Brian Wood Day!

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