Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Jessica Jones' Unintentional Easter Egg

So by now, most of you have probably tuned in and watched Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix. Wysefyre and I both really enjoyed it, but especially one particular part. I can tell you but be warned. It's spoilery so don't keep reading unless you watched the entire season.

Like, seriously. This is something that takes place in season one but hints to things potentially happening in season two.

Ok, if you are still here, it's at your own risk.

So remember that evil company that paid for Jessica's medical bills? It was the same one who was turning the cop Will Simpson into a super solider who we all believe to be the villain Nuke. In the comics, the company is a government program referred to as Project Homegrown. However, in the TV show it is currently being referred to as IGH.

In case you forgot what page you were on (it happens), yes this is called [insertgeekhere]. But in posts and conversation it is referred to as IGH. So, welcome to our evil super soldiers program!

Our first recruits!

Ok yes, I do know that this doesn't actually mean us. However, this is probably the closest I'll ever get to being in a Marvel anything, so let me have it.  It's a great way to end 2015!

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