Friday, May 13, 2016

Bye-Bye Agent Carter

In a move that surprises no one, but is still quite upsetting, ABC has officially given Agent Carter the axe. 

I’m having a hard time writing about this, because I don’t understand why ABC doesn’t realize how important Peggy Carter is. She’s a smart, wickedly funny, spirited woman who kicks ass, and who has to contend with being female in the 40s-50’s. The show had a great support cast, with atypical characters such as Jarvis and Sousa, and even better, the show wasn’t dark and gritty. That’s not to say dark and gritty events didn’t transpire, but this was show that also operated in the light with bright colors.

On to of all of that, Agent Carter is a great show for covering the time between when Captain America went into the ice and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Marvel hasn’t really been connecting the MCU with the TV shows, and I can understand it to a degree, but this is the perfect way to bridge the two universes without having to influence the movies and only slightly affecting the S.H.I.E.LD. 

In the TV cancellation carnage, I've lost Galavant, Second Chance, Castle, The Muppets, but it’s Agent Carter that hurts the most. I know the ratings weren’t great, but Agent Carter is the type of show that if it had been given enough time, I know would have grown in the way Supernatural or NCIS did. These were good shows, but they didn’t really hit their stride until they were a few seasons in, and then they became powerhouses. I don’t know if Agent Carter would have achieved that level of awesome, but she has a passionate, loyal, dedicated fanbase, so I am certain it would have grown considerably. 

However, hope is not all yet lost. There is a petition going around to bring Agent Carter to Netflix. I’m not entirely sure if Netflix is the best place for it, but it may allow Peggy and the gang to do even more. Either way, I want more adventures from Peggy and there are unanswered questions that need answering like what happened to Jack and who is Peggy’s husband? I know what it looks like but we don’t know if that particular pairing was supposed to be the endgame. I need to know, so give the petition a sign, and let’s get Peggy back. 

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