Sunday, January 28, 2018

Happy Birthday LEGO!

That's right, LEGO turns 60 today!  It's amazing to hear it because this company hasn't really changed over the decades. This brick has been loved for generations past, and generations to come.

Looking back at the company, LEGO Group founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen launched the first bricks called Automatic Binding Bricks in 1949.  In 1953, the name was changed to LEGO  or “Mursten” which is Danish for LEGO bricks.  The original bricks were hollow underneath, so they had limited clutch power unlike the bricks today.  LEGO's early years had color bricks available that were white, red, yellow, blue and green.  LEGO has definitely grown since!  Check out this video to see the company in its early years!

LEGO shared with us some fun facts about the company that I never knew!

LEGO Brick Fun Facts

  • Six “2x4” LEGO bricks of the same color can be combined in more than 915 million ways
  • A stack of about 40 billion LEGO bricks would reach the moon
  • The molds used to produce LEGO elements are accurate to within 4my/0.004mm – less than the width of a single hair. This accuracy enables the clutch power that helps bricks stay together 
  • LEGO bricks are now available in more than 60 different colors 
  • There are more than 3,700 different types of LEGO elements now in production 

They are celebrating by building and displaying a very large classic red brick in New York City this weekend.  While I wasn't able to go see it myself, it looks amazing and the perfect way to show that despite hitting the big 6-0, LEGO is still looking good.

A large LEGO brick, at 10 feet tall and over 1,200 pounds, situated near Madison Square Park in New York City to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the iconic LEGO brick, January 26, 2018. (Amy Sussman/AP Images for The LEGO Group)

A big Happy Birthday to LEGO and a wish for many more!

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